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Doctor Fang emerged in Gotham City's underworld as a numbers racketeer and criminal mastermind. His ventures commonly involved sending his hired thugs to local businesses to extort proprietors for protection money. These actions soon earned him the attention of Batman's teen sidekick, Robin. Fang quickly grew enchanted with petty crimes however, and embarked to push himself into the big leagues. Believing Gotham City police detective Harvey Bullock to be a corrupt cop on the take, Doctor Fang placed him on retainer. He told Bullock of his plan to make a grab for the Wayne Foundation's holdings. Bullock immediately alerted Bruce Wayne, who in turn, investigated the matter as Batman. Along with Robin, the two managed to foil Fang's scheme and he was arrested.

Through the efforts of corrupt mayor Hamilton Hill, Doctor Fang was soon free from prison. While attempting to revive his underworld ties, he ran afoul of the Batman who was in the midst of a fight with the Night-Slayer. During the melee, the Night-Slayer withdrew his revolver and fired a fatal shot into Doctor Fang's chest.




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