Mephistopheles was a mad scientist who experimented on dogs that could grow into gigantic green werewolf creatures. As he needed funding for his plans of world conquest, he started a bank robbery with his Creation in 1940. But he caught the attention of the original Blue Beetle who planned to bring him to justice. Mephistopheles' creature was a bit more then the hero could handle and he was forced to kill her. The death of the creature wrecked Mephistopheles. The Blue Beetle knew Mephistopheles wouldn't be a problem any more, so he let him go.

The Blue Beetle never told anyone what happened in his battle with Mephistopheles. The villain went missing and the Beetle had "No comment" to the local news.

Mephistopheles decided to go into hiding, moving from town to town with his pets. Leaving his plans for world domination behind. And felt enough with earning three squares a day with the work he found. He never married nor had kids in this life style. Until he grew old and moved to warm El Paso, Texas.

Unfortunately, the legacy of Mephistopheles' pets hasn't died, and the descendant of his first creation, Brutus changed to gigantic size and chewed on car tires and stole a 200 pound tripe. Boris wasn't spotted but rumours started in the city of the return of the villain Mephistopheles, so the local super heroes started searching for him and his monstrous creatures.

The modern age Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) caught up with Brutus. And as it was seen as a monster, Jaime tried to stun the creature. Mephistopheles jumped in between, begging to spare his dog and, in the process, returned Boris to normal.

After he and the Blue Beetle had spoken for awhile, more team mates arrived and demanded that the hero blast the monster and arrest the villain. The Blue Beetle explained he decides how a bad guy should be punished and how an innocent should be protected. And that Mephistopheles has been punishing himself for a long, long time. The Blue Beetle had no plans to add something to his problems.

Peacemaker had to agree and called it a "time served." Mephistopheles was allowed to stay in El Paso and continues to walk his dog every night.

  • The name 'Mephistopheles' is normally used as a representation for the Devil.



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