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As far as anyone can tell, Doctor Psycho's real name is "Psycho," and he earned at least one real doctorate. At his medical university, he was the pride of the faculty, graduating with a special commendation, but to his peers, he was the subject of ridicule. Psycho's short stature and disproportionate physical features earned him cruel nicknames such as "Pumpkinhead" and the "Pocket Napoleon". Despite his physical appearance, Psycho did find love in the form of a fellow student named Marva. Or so he thought. Though Marva did not find Psycho to be handsome, she agreed to marry him. Psycho's relationship soon faltered however, as he discovered that Marva was secretly in love with a more attractive student named Ben Bradley.

One night, Psycho was accused of stealing $125,000 worth of radium from the laboratory in which he worked. A formal inquest convened and Marva testified against him, stating that she saw him entering and exiting the laboratory after hours on the night that the theft took place. With no suitable defense to prove his innocence, Doctor Psycho was sent to prison. While serving his sentence, Psycho read a newspaper announcement in which he learned that Marva was now engaged to marry his rival Ben Bradley. His spirit crushed, this incident warped Psycho's mind and developed in him a lifetime hatred of all women. As time passed, Psycho was released from prison whereupon he set up his own private laboratory.

During this period, the Greek God of War, Mars, decided to sabotage America's efforts to incorporate women into the military. He sent one of his agents, the Duke of Deception, to the United States in order to carry out his plans. The Duke appeared to Doctor Psycho in his lab, as a spirit of vengeance. Whispering in his ear, he instigated Psycho's pent up frustration, inspiring him to carry out a grandiose revenge plot against all women. To this end, Psycho began inventing elaborate machines, restraining tools, and torture devices.

First however, Psycho needed to avenge himself against the man he hated most in the world – Ben Bradley. He accosted Bradley, who then confessed that Marva and he conspired to have Psycho framed for the radium theft. It was their plan to get Psycho out of the way, so that the two could wed. After hearing Bradley's confession, Psycho forced him to eat a radium tablet which subsequently killed him. He then tracked down Bradley's wife, Marva. With his knowledge of science and the occult, Psycho hypnotized Marva, and forced her to marry him. Because in his opinion, killing her would be too kind. Marva became Psycho's slave, and he reinforced his power over her through daily hypnosis treatments. As this practice continued, Psycho learned that Marva could bridge the conduit between the physical world and the afterlife. Using her body as a channel, Doctor Psycho extracted ectoplasm from the spirit world and molded it to disguise his features. With this unique new gift, he could make himself look like anybody he wished.

Psycho arranged for a public exhibition, wherein he promised that Marva and he would conduct a séance and raise the spirit of America's founding father George Washington. Attending this function was Air Force officer Steve Trevor, Colonel Darnell and Diana Prince. Psycho used his power over ectoplasm to simulate George Washington's appearance. As Washington, he warned the military officers in the audience of the dangers of allowing women in the military. Washington claimed that women would cost America the war if they are allowed to work in munitions factories. He advised them to keep a close eye on the Supreme Shell Works factory. Colonel Darnell took little stock in Psycho's stage act, but heeded the warning and sent a security detachment to survey the factory. An explosion occurred, killing dozens of officers.

Later still, Psycho sent an invitation to Darnell's office, requesting his presence for a private séance with George Washington's spirit. Darnell still didn't believe in ghosts, but attended anyway, bringing Steve Trevor with him. Wonder Woman arrived and interrupted the séance. She ensnared George Washington in the Lasso of Truth, and discovered that the entire séance was a ruse. Although convinced that Psycho was a fraud, Darnell did not suspect him of the sabotage at the munitions factory.

Doctor Psycho then used his powers over ectoplasm to take on the shape of Colonel Darnell himself. As Darnell, he removed top secret documents from the military base's safe and gave them out to three female staff members with instructions to hide them in a secure location. When the documents turned up missing, the three staff members were accused of espionage and questioned. Steve Trevor grew suspicious and believed that Doctor Psycho was responsible for all of the recent trouble. He took it upon himself to investigate Psycho's laboratory, but was captured and encaged by Psycho soon after. Wonder Woman learned of Steve's plight and broke into Psycho's laboratory. Doctor Psycho used one of his inventions known as an Electo-Atomizer to separate Wonder Woman's spirit from her body. With no conscious mind to guide it, Wonder Woman's body fell into a state of torpor. Her mind was still active however, and she sent a mental summons to her friend Etta Candy. Etta and her fellow sorority sisters the Holliday Girls came to Wonder Woman's aid. They distracted Doctor Psycho long enough for Wonder Woman to gain her strength back and merge her spirit back into her body. Wonder Woman rescued Steve Trevor who then disarmed Doctor Psycho and returned him to prison. [1]

Shortly thereafter, Doctor Psycho told the prison warden that he wished to confess to his crimes, but in order to do so, would have to confer with his secretary Joan White (also an inmate). The warden agreed, and brought Joan to Psycho's cell. In privacy, Doctor Psycho placed Joan in a trance then used her as a medium through which to produce a supply of ectoplasm. He shaped the ectoplasm into his own form, then waited for the guards to appear. When the guards arrived they found the Psycho duplicate lying across the table, seemingly dead. The warden believed that Doctor Psycho died of a heart attack while writing his confession, but the real Doctor Psycho was able to escape from prison disguised as a guard.

Doctor Psycho then disguised himself as a magician named Buenos Noches and went to the office of Steve Trevor in an effort to assassinate him. Psycho planted a bomb meant to kill Steve, but Diana Prince intercepted it. Despite her efforts, the bomb exploded killing Steve's secretary Lila Brown. Steve and Colonel Darnell opened fire on Buenos Noches, but the magician disappeared in a wisp of smoke.

Steve immediately suspected a connection between Buenos Noches and the late Doctor Psycho and decided to take his plane to the prison to inspect Psycho's grave himself. Wonder Woman and Etta Candy agreed to accompany him. Psycho disguised himself as a prison guard named Regan and attacked Wonder Woman from behind, knocking her out. He then buried Wonder Woman in the shallow grave where his ectoplasm duplicate had been laid to rest. Etta Candy meanwhile, found Joan White and awakened her from her trance. When Joan awoke, Psycho's control over ectoplasm dissipated. Wonder Woman managed to dig herself free and captured Doctor Psycho. She ensnared him with her magic lasso and brought him back to his cell. [1]


  • Ectokinesis: Acting through a medium, Doctor Psycho can extract Ectoplasm from the spirit world and use it for a variety of effects. He can mold the ectoplasm to disguise his own physical features, and can also use it to create simulacrums of other individuals such as George Washington, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.[1] His mediums have included his wife Marva, and his secretary Joan White. It is unknown if his mediums need to have a special connection to the spirit world, or if Psycho can use anyone as a medium.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Doctor Psycho is a scientific genius with expertise in a wide variety of fields including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemistry.
  • Science: Psycho built the world's first Electo-Atomizer, for separating a living person's spirit from her body.[1]
  • Hypnosis: Doctor Psycho is an expert in the field of hypnosis. His ability to hypnotize and mentally control the actions of others borders on superhuman.
  • Occultism: Doctor Psycho has been stated to possess a "dark, forbidden knowledge" of the occult. Psycho has demonstrated this ability by manipulating others into serving as a medium through which he can access the Spirit Plane.


  • Blind Hatred: Extreme misogyny leads Psycho to underestimate female adversaries.
  • This version of Doctor Psycho, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • The appearances of Doctor Psycho in Wonder Woman #160 and #168 were retconned to be of the Earth-Forty version and the Earth-Two Diana experienced similar adventures (effectively meaning they happened to the Earth-Two version of Doctor Psycho as well.)
  • Doctor Psycho had a penchant for shouting "Z-Z-Zut!"
  • Doctor Psycho suffers from dwarfism and has disproportionate physical characteristics, notably an abnormally large head.



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