In the late 1950s, Captain Future was headed for the planet Inus, to help Dr. X's niece, Cynthia.

He later indicated that he killed Captain Future and "I had to kill those others who came looking for him." The others beings science heroes The American Eagle and Eaglet.


During 2003, Liberator and the Scarab were investigating a power dampening field emanating from the Grand Canyon, and stopped at Dr. X's hidden lab, Fort X, which Liberator had visited with Pyroman in the 1950s. The entrance was hidden, but revealed by Scarab's magic ring.

Upon entering, Dr. X transported them to his dungeons. Dr. X believed that they were responsible for the power cuts and there for another reason: the murder of Bryant and the others.

After imprisoning the Liberator and the Scarab, they escaped, during which time he was able to determine that they were not responsible for the blackouts. Claiming to know who is responsible he said: "And if it is him, then the time really has come to leave this planet." With that he, and his house, departed for "Dimension X".


  • Doctor X is also known as Dr. X.



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