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A South African by birth, Freedom Beast was born Dominic Mndawe. During his country's Apartheid regime, Dominic was arrested for taking pictures of racially motivated acts of violence being committed by white Afrikaner policemen. In a cell, Dominic was about to be killed by his captors when he is rescued by Animal Man and B'wana Beast.

After the rescue, Maxwell gave Mndawe the elixir and helmet that conferred powers on their owner. Those powers include mind control and the ability to fuse two or more animals into one hybrid beast under the control of Freedom Beast.

Animal Man and Freedom Beast then prevented the massacre of a group of peaceful demonstrators by Afrikaner police. Animal Man returns to the USA, while Maxwell and Freedom Beast stayed in South Africa.

Animal Man and Dominic team up once again during the Day of Judgment, protecting African wildlife from the murderous intentions of demon invaders.

Later, Freedom Beast joined the Global Guardians. He was killed by Prometheus when he tried to protect Malavar.




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