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Donna Nance was a member of the Justice Guild who operated as a crimefighter named Black Siren. During her off-hours at the Justice Guild headquarters, she baked cookies and served them to the male members of the team. She along with her fellow Justice Guild members have died during a missile attack that devastated Seaboard City in 1962. Ray Thompson, a child who idolized the Justice Guild and was turned into a mutant who could mentally create virtual-reality constructs, recreated Donna as well as the rest of the Justice Guild team while trapping the living citizens of Seaboard City in this virtual-reality recreation for 40 years, preventing them from aging. When the Justice League team appeared from their reality into that which the Justice Guild inhabited, they discovered the truth about the Justice Guild members and exposed it to their recreated selves. When Ray Thompson attacked the Justice League following this exposure, the recreated Donna along with her other team members fought against Ray and incapacitated him, causing herself and her team to vanish and to restore Seaboard City back to its original devastated appearance.


  • Black Siren is based on the Golden Age version of Black Canary. Her real name is similar to that of Dinah Lance, the Black Canary.
  • Black Siren was voiced by Jennifer Hale.



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