Doomsday is the "child" of Zod and Faora. Zod created him by using his own blood, the blood of Faora and the DNA of the strongest and violent creatures that lived on Krypton. Right before the destruction of Krypton, Zod and Faora attached the genetic matter of Doomsday to a ship, which should save the life of Kal-El. When the ship landed on a field of Smallville, Doomsdays cocoon stranded far from it. Short time later the genetic matter leaked out of the cocoon and transformed into a young boy and became Doomsdays human side, which was later named Davis Bloome.

In 2009 Chloe Sullivan used black Kryptonite to split Davis from his kryptonian side. After they were separated, Doomsday defeated Green Arrow, Black Canary and Impulse very quickly and went on a killing spree in Metropolis. Clark tried to stop him, fought him for awhile but had no chance to finish him. Doomsday was ready to kill the last son of krypton once and for all but Clark grabbed him and used his super-leaping power to throw him all the way back to a LuthorCorp facility, where the Justice League set off explosives. Doomsday was trapped miles under the Earth's surface and everyone hoped that it would be to difficult for Doomsday to escape.[1]

At some point in the 31st century, EarthGov found Doomsday beneath Old Metropolis. Kirt Niedrigh wanted to use him as a weapon to destroy the kryptonians of New Krypton. [2] After he was set free, Doomsday started to destroy the City of Argo and kill the inhabitants. Superman and the Kryptonian fought Doomsday but he was nearly invincible to their actions. So, Superman take his chance to finale finish Doomsday. He took him and flew with him to the sun, knowing this will also kill him. Superman managed to throw Doomsday into the sun, presumably killing him, but Superman was saved by the Legion of Superheroes.[3]





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