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Standing Committee for Metahuman Affairs, China


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The Dragonwing is a living Durlan scout ship that crash landed within the Kanbula Forest Park in Qinghai Province. The nearest Xeno-Team was sucessful in capturing the ship and two Durlan survivors but at a heavy cost to themselves.

With research and some losses, the Chinese were able to bond the ship to a human pilot, with the downside that the pilot visibly ages, and in extreme cases will dissolve in the cockpit. This is a state secret, with all the pilots being presented to the public as one pilot, the "Immortal Man in Darkness"

There is almost nothing the Dragonwing cannot accomplish. It is able to exceed speeds of mach 10 in less than three seconds, stop immediately, hover and fly sideways.

There are also at least nine other sister ships that the Dragonwing can control.

Weapons: The hull of the Dragonwing can extrude over fifty different weapon packages.

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