Quote1 The Bat watches over straight citizens, He does what cops can't do. What about the crooks? Who do they turn to in order to get the job done for them? Quote2
-- Drury Walker src


The original Killer Moth was a prisoner identified only by his prison number, 234026. While in prison, he read a newspaper article about Batman and decided to set himself up as the "anti-Batman", hiring himself out to the criminals of Gotham City to help them elude capture by police. Upon his release, he used the hidden proceeds of his crimes to build a Mothcave, modeled on the photos of the Batcave in the newspaper article he read.

Killer Moth also established a false identity as millionaire philanthropist "Cameron van Cleer". In this guise, he became friends with Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, he promoted himself to Gotham's criminals using his identity as Killer Moth, giving them each an infra-red Moth-signal. In his first job, he rescued some criminals from the police and then used his Mothmobile to defeat and capture Batman and Robin. The duo escaped and led Killer Moth to a climactic battle on Gotham Bridge, which ended when the villain plunged into the river and disappeared.[1]

After his first defeat at the hands of Batman, Killer Moth had to regain his position in the underworld of Gotham and he tried to do so by stealing an important object from the Gotham Museum. His plan was foiled by Batman and Killer Moth decided to reveal Batman's secret identity, which he has deduced as it being Bruce Wayne. This plan also failed and it was his own identity the one revealed by Batman. After this, Killer Moth was captured and sent to prison.[2]


Killer Moth had a gang of "Moths", all wearing the same "Moth-suit" and using the Moth Mansion as hideout and base of operations. Killer Moth started an extortion racket among Gotham City's wealthiest patrons and he had targeted Bruce Wayne as his next victim. However, during Killer Moth's attack on Wayne, his gang and him were stopped by the timely arrival of Batgirl, who managed to save Bruce Wayne, giving him time to change into Batman. Moth retreated and planned a second strike, but his plan was thwarted once again by Batgirl, only this time she worked together with Batman and Robin.[3]

For a long time, Killer Moth was out of action, until he decided to return to crime, working together with the Cavalier. However, this combination was ultimately stopped by Batgirl and Batwoman.[4] Seeking revenge, Killer Moth tried to trick Batgirl into revealing the secret location of the Batcave, but once again, his plan were ultimately thwarted.[5] His ensuing confrontations with the heroine ended with the same results.[6][7]

New Earth

Drury Walker was an unsuccessful criminal who no one takes seriously. He adopted the false identity of Cameron van Cleer and the persona of Killer Moth to fight Batman.[8]

Killer Moth set up a team called "the Misfits," comprising third-string Batman villains such as Catman and Calendar Man. They made another kidnapping attempt on Bruce Wayne and other prominent citizens. This team proved unsuccessful, turning against Moth when they realize he planned to kill the hostages.[citation needed]


Drury was one of the villains who sold their soul to the demon Neron. He asked to become feared, and he was metamorphed into a moth-like monster called "Charaxes". As Charaxes, Walker resembled a vaguely humanoid, giant brown moth.[citation needed] He consumed humans and spins cocoons in which to keep his prey.

Later on, Charaxes began laying hundreds of eggs, all of which hatch into duplicates of Drury Walker. Charaxes despised his progeny, but was unable to destroy them. Following his capture, these duplicates were taken into government custody. During an argument between various bodies as to what should be done with them, they attacked a scientist, and were ultimately killed.[citation needed]

At around the same time, Oracle was confronted by a criminal named "Danko Twag", who claimed to be the real Killer Moth (the one she had defeated), and that Drury Walker had been an impostor. During a rant in which he claimed they are going to be a team, she captured him in an energy cell and he seemingly disintegrated.[citation needed]

Finally, Charaxes is ripped in half by Superboy-Prime during the Battle of Metropolis, and presumed deceased.[citation needed]

One Year Later

A new Killer Moth appeared in Gotham after Drury's apparent death. This new Killer Moth displays competence in hand-to-hand combat and the ability of flight when facing Robin.[citation needed] Then there's a third Killer Moth, who helps Firefly and Lock-Up. The identity of these criminals remains unknown.


  • Unique Physiology: As Charaxes, Drury had a demonic moth-like physiology.
    • Flight: As Charaxes, Drury had large insectoid wings that allowed him to fly.
    • Claws: As Charaxes, Drury had large claws and multiple arms allowing him to rend and tear at his opponents.
    • Energy Projection: As Charaxes, Drury could spit different kinds of venoms out. One such as a sticky, cocoon substance and another was an acidic toxin.



  • Mothmobile: This was a custom made, convertible sports car used by Killer Moth. Its color and style were similar to the bright, pastel color scheme used in Killer Moth's costume.[3]
  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Another Killer Moth appears during the Face the Face storyline, but has made no appearance since.
  • Killer Moth has a large rural mansion located just outside of Gotham City. Larva and Pupa, Killer Moth's underlings, lived here. The mansion was outfitted with several secret panels and a trap door, which fed victims into a gravity well.[3]
  • Killer Moth also has a "Moth Signal" which is his own version of the Bat-Signal.



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