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Quote1 Listen. I can help you guys. I got a lot of skills. [...] Well, I got stealth skills, code breaking skills, karate skills, cocooning skills! Quote2
-- Killer Moth src

History of character is unknown.


  • Flight: After his mutation, Killer Moth became a gigantic moth himself. This transformation gave him all the powers of a bug, including flight.
  • Corrosive Saliva: Because of his interaction with the acid, the mutated Killer Moth's saliva is just as corrosive as the acid that affected him.
  • Moth Attraction: Killer Moth somehow is able to attract hundreds of moths to himself. However, he cannot command these moths into doing his will.


  • Driving: When Killer Moth joined Team Penguin, he became the designated getway car driver since the team did not take him seriously.
  • Intimidation: After his transformation, Penguin used Killer Moth to intimidate the other team members into staying with the team.


  • Ice Cream Truck: Team Penguin's getaway van is an ordinary ice cream truck.



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