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Dun was the eldest of the three little pigs. Along with his cousin Posey, he was an active member in the revolution at the Farm. Serving as one of the leaders of the revolt, Dun had his cousin, Colin killed, conspired in the kidnapping of Weyland Smith, and led one of the hunting parties in a goal to kill Reynard the fox.

After the quelling of the revolution, Dun was sentenced to death by beheading. The execution was carried out in the village square in front of the other Farm Fables. Dun's last words were a complaint to the executioner, Jack Ketch, to try and do a better job with him than they did on his cousin Posey. Ten chops or less.


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Dun is immortal and ceased to age beyond a certain point in his physical development.
  • In the original telling of the Three Little Pigs, the pigs were brothers. In Fables continuity, they are actually cousins.



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