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Dyno-Mite the Human Hand-Grenade was a member of a military post-human team, the Sons of Liberty during the Second World War. Up until their deal with Henry Bendix, all members of this team were age ninety and beyond, and stationed in various retirement homes across the US.

Rejuvenated, Dyno-Mite rejoined the Sons of Liberty and started America's rebellion against the Authority's rule. He was usually partnered with the flyer, Johnny Rocketman. Ultimately, the Sons of Liberty fought the Authority in Washington, D.C. where Dyno-Mite was badly incinerated by Apollo. After being subsequently de-aged by Bendix, Dyno-Mite made a last attempt to blowup on Midnighter but only to explode in front of his teammate Fallout. Triggering him to cause a nuclear explosion, destroying Washington and killing everyone, except the Authority, within including Dyno-Mite himself.


Can explode any part of his body with immense concussive force and his atoms reassemble a few moments later.



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