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Earth-154 and Earth-216 are closely related alternate realities best known for being home to Superman Jr. and Batman Jr., the Super-Sons.

The only know difference between Earth-154 and Earth-216 is the names of Batman and Superman's wives, which were known on Earth-154: Kathy Kane and Lois Lane. Earth-216 was created as a computer simulation and Superman and Batman did not create a mother figure for their offsprings.[1]

It was later established that that Earth-216 was a hypertime reality and therefore wasn't destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.[2]

Since Convergence prevented the destruction of DC's multiverse it can be assumed that if Earth-154 was destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths it was restored to existence.



  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium identifies Earth-154 as the original universe featured in World's Finest #154 and Earth-216 as the "Super-Sons Earth" which first appeared in World's Finest #215. However, for indexing purposes, the DC Database has chosen to use Earth-154 as the main universe designation for the stories featuring Batman, Superman and their offspring. It is considered that this "merger" doesn't affect continuity since there are no indicators that both Earths contradict their respective timelines.
  • A duplicate recreation of the Earth-154 Super-Sons' Universe was created during the Infinite Crisis. This recreation and all of its inhabitants were destroyed at the end of the Infinite Crisis.
  • There was another reality (Earth-391) where Superman and Batman had sons but events clearly show it was not related to either Earth-154 or Earth-216.


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