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After being scolded by the Kandorians for failing to live up to his many goals (enlarge them, cure Kryptonite, end crime, etc.), Superman used a machine he devised powered by the various forms of Kryptonite in order to increase his intellect a hundredfold in order to complete his tasks; it succeeded, but also split him into two near-identical beings, Superman-Red and Superman-Blue. Together, they created a New Krypton from the remains of the old and enlarged Kandor on it, created an anti-evil ray which ended all villainous tendencies (the use of which caused a reformed Lex Luthor to develop a panacea that cured all physical ailments and defects), and transformed their Earth into a paradise. Retiring, Superman-Red married Lois Lane and moved with her to New Krypton, while Superman-Blue wed and remained on Earth with Lana Lang, devoting himself to science and tasking his Superman Robots with solving any future natural disasters.

This universe was presumably destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and then (presumably) retroactively saved from destruction during the Convergence event.



The idea of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue was given a post-Crisis twist with Superman Red/Superman Blue Vol 1 1

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