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Earth-898 is the reality that Jonah Hex was transported to during the events of Infinite Crisis, after spending much of his career on Earth-One in the 19th century. During the creation of Alex Luthor's Multiverse in Infinite Crisis #5-6, Jonah Hex appeared to be on Earth-898. Hex's time spent on a 21st century post-apocalyptic Earth has never been designated in continuity or on a proper Earth in the DCU, but Hex was returned to his normal timeline at some point (as vaguely detailed in 1987's Secret Origins #21). To date, Jonah Hex's time spent in the future apocalyptic world has never gotten official closure and remains open to interpretation. It is also uncertain at the moment which Earth Jonah Hex currently resides on following the destruction of Alex Luthor's Multiverse in Infinite Crisis #6. Jonah Hex would most likely be considered to be on New Earth (following the events of Infinite Crisis), Earth-One or an undesignated Earth (following the events of 52).


  • This version of Earth was not provided with a number designation until Infinite Crisis #6.


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