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Earth-Thirty-Two was an alternate universe Hal Jordan of Earth One once traveled to. In his brief visit, it appeared very similar to Earth-One, with one small difference: the Carol Ferris of Earth-Thirty-Two had feelings of love for both Green Lantern and Hal Jordan, and when Jordan discovered this fact he revealed to Ferris that he was Green Lantern, and they were married. (At the same time on Earth-One, Carol Ferris only had feelings for Green Lantern.)[1]

Other elements of Earth-Thirty-Two's history are:

  • The Justice Society of America retired after a final battle with Adolf Hitler, who had his brain surgically transplanted into the body of Daniel Dunbar/Dynaman.[2]
  • After allowing him to help capture Tony Zucco, Bruce Wayne intended to return Dick Grayson to the circus, and the boy was forced to prove himself to be allowed to continue as Robin.[3]
  • Jor-El and Lara, as discovered by Superboy, in fact survived the destruction of Krypton in suspended animation, though having been irradiated by Kryptonite while on an expedition to Krypton's interior, a recording from Jor-El asked that Kal-El leave them in this state, lest they die slowly and painfully of Kryptonite poisoning upon awakening.[4]
  • Lex Luthor was notably older than Superboy, and their first meeting was when Luthor posed as the scientific hero "Amazing Man" in order to rob Smallville's neighboring town Haldey.[5]
  • Lois Lane and Lana Lang both eventually stopped pursuing Superman as a romantic interest, and soon after they met two time-traveling heroes from the past and fell in love. Lane married the Greek demigod Hercules, and Lang married the Jewish strongman Samson. The marriages were both unhappy, and were effectively dissolved when the two heroes returned to the past.[6]
  • An alien known as Mopee, an "Initiate Tenth Class of the Heavenly Help-mates", was in fact responsible for the lightning strike that turned Barry Allen into the Flash.[7]
  • Lois Lane traveled back in time in an attempt to romance Jor-El.[8]
  • Superman is revealed to subconsciously and constantly use his super-hypnotism via his glasses to make the world see Clark Kent as smaller and weaker than he really is.[9]
  • Bruce Wayne had a brain-damaged older brother who became "the Boomerang Killer" before being permanently possessed by Deadman.[10]
  • Thomas and Martha Wayne dabbled in the supernatural prior to their deaths, resulting in their spirits being trapped in a netherworld for a time.[11]
  • After the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, their bodies are cremated and their ashes are placed in an urn rather then being buried in a cemetery.[12]
  • The people of Midway City are aware that Carter and Shiera Hall are aliens.[13]
  • Roy Harper's father was a scientist, and after both he and Roy's mother died in an accident, Roy was adopted by a Native American tribe, where he gained his skills in archery prior to meeting Green Arrow.[14]
  • The Cavalier was quite willing to harm and even try to kill women by slashing at them with his sword.[15]

Given that Super Powers (Volume 3), DC Challenge #5–12 and Batman: The Last Angel all post-date Crisis on Infinite Earths #11's cover date of February, 1986 it is debatable if this universe was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Even if it was, the Convergence event retroactively saved it from destruction.



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