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Earth-Twelve was where a superteam called the Inferior Five lived, as did a version of Plastic Man who was actually the son of the original. Earth-Twelve also had local versions of most of the major superheroes of Earth-One.

It was assumed that Earth-Twelve was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths but that was thrown into doubt when the Atom and Flash of Earth-898 glimpsed the Inferior Five on their way home indicated that the reality (or a very close analog) existed in hypertime.

In any case, Convergence retroactively prevented the destruction of the Pre-Crisis Multiverse but resulted in an "updated" form. How (or even if) this affected Earth-Twelve is unknown.



  • The Flash and Atom of Earth-898 passed through a reality that had the Infinity Five indicating a hypertime reality similar to Earth-Twelve.[1] Its relationship to the original Earth-Twelve is unknown.


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