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Earth-Two was the reality designation attributed to the planet Earth, and the Universe it inhabited, that existed prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Earth-Two itself was populated by various individuals who resembled those of its primary Multiversal counterpart, Earth-One. Some were direct parallels to their predecessors (ex. Superman (Earth-One) and Superman (Earth-Two)), some less so (ex. Atom (Al Pratt) and Atom (Ray Palmer)). The two Earths were closely linked in terms of parallel development, although Earth-Two individuals usually predated their Earth-One counterparts by a few decades.

Prior to the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the reality termed as Earth-Two was populated by heroes who emerged during the Golden Age, including the Justice Society of America and the native incarnations of Superman (Kal-L), Batman (Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne), Robin (Ambassador Richard "Dick" Grayson) and Wonder Woman (Princess Diana Trevor, wife of U.S Army General Steve Trevor) to this reality all emerged prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which led to the United States' involvement in World War II.

For a complete list of Earth-Two inhabitants, see List of Earth-Two Characters.


During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-Two ceased to exist, though aspects of it were effectively merged with aspects of Earth-One, Earth-Four, Earth-S, and Earth-X to form one composite universe. The most noted surviving aspect was many of the non-duplicate heroes (including members of the Justice Society such as Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Ted Grant) were recreated to be native to the New Earth reality.

Though by yet some unexplained occurence both Kara Zor-L (known as Power Girl) and Per Degaton both survived the historical elimination of Earth-Two and retain their original multiverse Earth-Two origin basis.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the designation of Earth-Two was given to the anti-matter Earth populated by the Third incarnation of the Crime Syndicate as at the time it was the only reliable "other" Earth known to the DC Primary Earth. Many readers still refer to the antimatter reality as "Earth-Two" while others now address it as "antimatter Earth-Two" and "Crime Syndicate Earth" now.

Infinite Crisis

A copy of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two was briefly made, along with other divergent realities, during an event called "Infinite Crisis". This incident saw the return of two Earth-Two's original denizens Kal-L (Superman) and his wife Lois Lane-Kent, both of whom had disappeared into a paradise dimension following the events of the first Crisis. Accompanying them was Alexander Luthor - the sole survivor of Earth-Three and architect behind Earth-Two's re-creation and Superboy-Prime. This duplicate Earth-Two was barren and unpopulated and was ultimately recombined into New Earth at the end of Infinite Crisis.


The actions of Brainiac, Parallax and the Superman of New Earth undid the events of the original Crisis, restoring Earth-Two and the rest of the infinite Earths to the Multiverse.

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Main article: Earth-Two Characters


  • Earth-Two superheroes appeared on Earth-One beginning with Flash #123. The concept of Earth-Two was developed by writer Gardner Fox.
  • Many, though not all, Golden Age stories have been retroactively attributed to Earth-Two continuity. The original Earth-Two history was based on much of the mainstream DC Comics stories published between 1935 and 1955 and were considered to be part of the greater Earth-Two environment, though some aspects of the original stories of the primary heroes including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of Earth-Two were later retconned heavily to be different from the actual books of that era such as Earth-Two Superman marrying Lois Lane in the early 1950s and becoming editor-in-chief of the Daily Star and Batman marrying a reformed Catwoman in 1955.
Many readers today usually denote the Golden Age Characters to mean the actual characters who actually appear in the books of this era. though some still call the Earth-Two characters as the Golden Age version, despite the Earth-Two characters being very different from the actual characters in the books of that era.
  • The existence of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Universe was known to the superhuman (both heroic and villainous) populace of Earth-One and several other Earths including Earth-X and Earth-Three. [6]. However the general populace of these other Earths were ignorant of the existence of Pre-Crisis Earth-Two.
Lois lane confused meeting kal l for 1st time

Lois Lane of Earth-One meeting Kal-L of Earth-Two and learning of multiple Earths and some differences between the two Supermen

  • Following the events of Infinite Crisis as well as that of 52, the Multiverse was created anew with fifty-two distinctive alternate realities, each one designated with a number between one and fity-two. One of these realiteis is Earth-2. Although the current Earth-2 bears some similarities to the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two as in its superhuman populace, the new Earth-2 is a completely separate and distinct reality with its own different background and time frame. The general populace of New Earth are also unaware of the new Earth-2 universe.
  • The Antimatter Earth-Two was shown to have survived the events of Infinite Crisis.


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  • Earth-Two based on the article "Comments on a Finite Number of Earths" in the OFFICIAL CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS CROSSOVER INDEX by Lou Mougin and Mark Waid.


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