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Earth 2 Vol 1 17


Earth 2 Vol 1 17

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"The Dark Age Begins!": With Superman back on Earth and unleashing the fury of the Apokolitpian forces on humanity, Sam Lane and Bob Crane prepare to bring Red Tornado online. With the upload to the android's memory compl

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Synopsis for "The Dark Age Begins!"

With Superman back on Earth and unleashing the fury of the Apokolitpian forces on humanity, Sam Lane and Bob Crane prepare to bring Red Tornado online. With the upload to the android's memory complete, it awakes and looks at Sam Lane, saying "Dad?" Sam sees that the android now possesses the memory of Lois Lane and is tearfully happy that she is alive again.

As the Wonders of the World and the World Army make a retreat to one of their command posts to discuss their options of how to deal with Superman, Sonia Sato reports to Sam Lane that someone has breached their security and is headed for the lower levels. Fearing the stasis chambers will be opened, a team of soldiers is sent to handle the threat before it goes too far, only to fail at the hands of the new Batman.

Khalid Ben-Hassin believes that magic might help to stop Superman, but he isn't fully sure if it will work. Nevertheless, he bravely dons the Helmet of Fate to become Doctor Fate and engages Superman in physical combat, but Superman has overheard what the heroes were planning and pummels Doctor Fate into the ground, cracking the helmet. Jay Garrick rushes to get Khalid to safety before he is stomped to death, but upon removal of the helmet Khalid is babbling something the others don't readily understand: "Crumbles! The space door opens! Crumbles...the queen! It! Crumbles. The queen. Speed broken! The child, the resurrected hope. Angel in the slaughter. They come from the fires! The alien. Crumbles green. It crumbles." Jay Garrick decides that he will try to distract Superman in order to buy the World Army and the Wonders time to retreat.

In the underground base, a cave-in takes place, and Red Tornado digs through the debris to find that her father Sam Lane is fatally injured. With his dying breath, Sam confesses to his daughter that he knew who Clark Kent was, and that he hid that knowledge from the world after Lois had died.

In the stasis chambers room, Sonia Sato hears that the team of soldiers have failed to stop Batman as he soon enters the room. She has a detonator in her hand and says to Batman that she'll blow up everything in the room if he comes closer. Batman tells her that he's not her enemy, and that he came here to find people in the chambers who can help fight against Superman. Sonia says that the people in the chambers are criminals and madmen. Batman confesses that he's been both those things, but tells her that the way things are going in the world, criminals and madmen may be Earth's only hope.


  • This book was first published on November 6, 2013.
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