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Earth 2 Vol 1 18


Earth 2 Vol 1 18

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"The Dark Age, Part 2": As the evacuation of the World Army Arkham Base begins, Mister Terrific sees that Amar Khan has been pierced by a piece of metal from the fallen debris while Sandman sees that [[Terrence

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Synopsis for "The Dark Age, Part 2"

As the evacuation of the World Army Arkham Base begins, Mister Terrific sees that Amar Khan has been pierced by a piece of metal from the fallen debris while Sandman sees that Terry Sloan is okay. Outside, Jay Garrick decides to get Superman's attention by throwing a rock at him. He responds to Jay's taunt by coming straight toward him.

Meanwhile, in the stasis chamber room, the new Batman tries to talk reason to Sonia Sato, saying that he was there when the first Batman had died and that he spoke very highly of Sato, saying that the woman would never execute a room full of defenseless people. Sato agrees that she wouldn't, but then she finds it strange that Batman would think so highly of her since the two of them never met. She tries to pull the trigger on the new Batman, but he suddenly yanks her arm away before the bullet is fired. Sato's attempt to use a physical attack on Batman also fails, as she only hurts her foot doing so. Batman calmly takes the detonator out of Sato's hands and breaks it, but before he does anything else, the Red Tornado apprehends him and tries to talk to him, calling him "Bruce", a name which gives the Batman enough of a pause that he is taken down by Sato. But Batman doesn't stay down for long, as he buys enough time to open one of the stasis chambers to awaken a female that he calls "Your Majesty".

Meanwhile, Jay Garrick pushes the limits of his speed powers to try outracing Superman as he chases the Flash around the globe, but soon Jay stumbles, and Superman catches him by the ankle, breaking it to keep him from running. At the Arkham Base, Sandman uses his teleporting ability to get Amar Khan safely out, but Mister Terrific and Terry Sloan don't get very far before Superman arrives with the Flash. He tells Bedlam to open the gates and release the hordes.

Batman opens up another stasis chamber, this one containing a young teenager that he recognizes as a computer hacker who can gain access to important information. He is James Olsen, known mostly by his code-name Accountable, and as he awakens, he is surprised to find that he's been held in stasis for only a short time, as the current date is January 2014. He asks if anyone has a phone, and Sato hands him hers which he uses to find out what's currently going on. He soon discovers that parademons are coming out of the firepits, which means that they've got to get ready for a planetary invasion. Before the five of them go anywhere, Batman sees a stasis chamber that contains the Joker and puts a few bullet holes into the chamber to make sure the Joker will never be awakened.


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