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Eclipso Annual Vol 1 1


Eclipso Annual Vol 1 1

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""The Man Who Cracked"": Linus Powell is a leading scientist and researcher in the field of light, which draws to him the attention of Eclipso. While Powell attempts to create a miniature sun (using a piece of the Heart of Darkness lent to

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  • Great Salt Lake, Utah



Synopsis for "The Man Who Cracked"

Linus Powell is a leading scientist and researcher in the field of light, which draws to him the attention of Eclipso. While Powell attempts to create a miniature sun (using a piece of the Heart of Darkness lent to him by Bruce Gordon as a dampener), Eclipso makes many different attempts to take the laboratory by storm, using swarms of human hosts to charge it, but inevitably being thwarted by simple solar light generators. Finally, by chance, Eclipso meets the alien Parasite "Angon" and tricks her into believing that the laboratory contains a weapon to be used against her. Angon storms and destroys the laboratory of her own accord, before Eclipso possesses her. Among the many Angon feeds on is Powell, but he somehow survives with enough strength to enter the nuclear reactor in attempts to save it.

The Laboratory explodes, and many hours later Powell finds himself washed up on the surrounding beach, with minor temporary amnesia, and a completely changed physical structure. He is almost immediately forced into a quarrel with a roving band of New Bloods, including Edge, Sparx, Loose Cannon, Anima and Nightblade, who are attempting to track Angon down. After an initial fight, they all realize they have the same goals, and Powell (calling himself "Prism") joins the group in their search.

After investigating its alien spacecraft in Angon's body, Eclipso decides to launch one more attack on a nearby solar installation, using both the parasite body, and swarms of other human hosts. The New Bloods converge on his point, and after Prism frees all of the human hosts using a blast of solar energy, he finds himself too weak to attack the Eclipso Parasite directly. As Angon has him in his grasp, Prism remembers the earlier scientific benefits of the Black Diamond, and reaches for the one attached to Angon. He uses it to generate enough solar energy for another gigantic blast, and releases Angon from Eclipso's grasp before passing out.

When Prism comes to, the other New Bloods reveal to him that Angon escaped in the night, and Prism decides to abandon his destroyed experiments to join them in their pursuit.


  • Each of the Bloodlines annuals for 1993 introduce a new super-hero character. This issue introduces the character "Prism".


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