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Quote1 Look. It's all the under-aged Brit brats and pots of bad tea you can stomach. Just jump in the damn hole. Quote2
-- Doctor Psycho src

Dr. Edgar Cizko, Dr. Psycho is a telepathic criminal and sworn enemy of Wonder Woman. He has vast psychic powers that allow him to enter and sometimes shape people's dreams. Dr. Psycho was recruited by the witch Circe to create disturbing nightmares for Vanessa Kapatelis a close friend of Wonder Woman.[1] This would force her to separate herself from her closest allies. The plan was to make Wonder Woman feel isolated and create fear of her fellow Amazons. Dr. Psycho warps Vanessa's fragile mind and turns her into the new Silver Swan.[2]

Dr. Psycho is stopped and is taken away and became a patient in a mental facility, confined to a padded room and a straitjacket. When the Legion of Super-Heroes were lost in time Saturn Girl mentally calls for her friends, this awakens Dr. Psycho enough for him to attack several staff members and escape. He then travels and attack the Legion.[3]

Dr. Psycho was later recruited by Lex Luthor's Secret Society of Super-Villains. Dr. Psycho worked with Talia al Ghul, to recruit criminals for the Society with Catman the only one to reject their offer. Dr. Psycho does not take the rejection well and threatens to have Catman kill himself. However the pack of lions under his command convinces him he might be eaten if he has Catman hurt himself. He also spends time working with Deathstroke to capture one of the Marvel Family of superheroes. The other members of the Society realizes that he is trying to influence mentally them. Unaffected, they brush it off as something to be expected.

Infinite Crisis

Dr. Psycho later travels with Warp to release the Monster Doomsday from his prison at the Earth's core. He used his powers to control Doomsday, and uses him during the assault on Metropolis. Dr. Psycho was defeated along with the rest of the villains.


  • Telepathy: Dr. Psycho is a potent telepath which grants him ability to warp the perceived realities of those around him, mentally dominate others to suit his whims, and can create vivid hallucinations. According to Diana Prince, he is ranked as one of the Earth's most powerful telepaths.[4]
  • Ectokinesis: Dr. Psycho can draw ectoplasm into the physical world, which he he can shape into various beings and disguises.


  • Psychiatry: Edgar Cizko is trained in psychiatry and psychotherapy. He has a particular talent for taking an opponent's fears and inhibitions and turning them against them.
  • Hypnosis: Edgar Cizko is a masterful hypnotist and can use this gift on a nearly superhuman level.



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