Edouard Laslo was a German Nazi sympathizer who happened to land a job with the Nazi Party when they found out about his unique ability to mimic the appearance of others. Taking the name the Poser, Edouard appeared in films and propaganda mimicking power figureheads of World War II. Escaping to the United States, he was eventually captured and imprisoned in Crowley Penitentiary outside of Fawcett City.

He was released from jail by Wolf Krieger who asked him to use his ability to mimic Bulletman in an effort to frame the aged hero to make it seem like he was a member of the Nazi Party and helped sink the Normandy, a U.S. Navy vessel. Although Edouard agreed he soon began to feel guilty for framing the all-American hero. When Bulletman (Jim Barr) stood in front of the citizens of Fawcett City to reveal state secrets in order to save himself from jail, Edouard stopped him and revealed that he was the imposter responsible for Bulletman's appearances in Nazi films.

Because of his traitorous actions to the Nazis, Wolf ordered his neo-nazis to shoot the Poser on the stand. Before Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Starman could intervene Edouard was shot. After the fight was settled, Edouard was sent to the hospital and presumably back to jail.[1]




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