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Edward Albion was a British nobleman married to Eliza Albion. One day while the couple were taking a carriage ride through the wilderness they were accosted by the notorious criminal known as The Raven, who attempted to rob from them and rape the lady. Suddenly a rocket blasted from the sky and crashed nearby containing an alien named Gar-El. After saving them from the bandit, Gar-El would go on to join the British empire and put down the rebellious colonies during the American Revolutionary War. Several years later, after Edward had died of cancer, Eliza remarried to Gar-El and had children with him.[1]

  • Edward Albion is analogous to the character Jonathan Kent. However, in this universe, instead of raising the Kryptonian that comes to earth as a baby, he arrives a grown man. This leads to him eventually having sex with the man's wife after he passes away, which feels wrong on so many levels.



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