Eddie Bloomberg had the good fortune of being a gopher in his Aunt Marla's film company. He met the Blue Devil on a film set, and became quite a fan of the hero, dreaming about one day becoming Devil's sidekick.

Edward snuck into Blue Devil's workshop at night and, using his prodigious knowledge of electronics, created a battle suit incorporating the designs of the Blue Devil suit. Even though Blue Devil didn't want a sidekick, Eddie was determined to make a go at being a hero. As Kid Devil he assisted his hero in foiling an airplane hijacking, and later helped defeat one of his enemies, the Vanquisher. After these adventures, his parents left Eddie's education and supervision to professors at the Institute of Hypernormal Conflict Studies.

After Blue Devil's deal with the demon Neron resulted in Eddie's Aunt Marla dying in a helicopter crash, Eddie attempted to live up to her name and succeed in the movie business. His attempts failed, however, and Eddie continued to have adventures as Kid Devil, even helping Young Justice's assault on Zandia.

Teen Titans

Since the events in Infinite Crisis, Eddie has tried to join the Teen Titans with little success. Pulsar helps Eddie into a project Lex Luthor has been using to give normal humans superpowers. However, Eddie fails because of "psychological problems." One evening, Eddie is visited by a cloaked figure who gives him a candle. Eddie's then friend Zachary Zatara tells him that the candle has some magical properties. Eddie decides to light it, and the two are taken to Neron. Neron makes a deal with Eddie, transforming him into a new Kid Devil. Neron's magic gives Eddie a new, demonic appearance and inherent superpowers. As part of the deal, Eddie won't lose his soul to Neron if he can still trust Blue Devil by his 20th birthday. Before Eddie leaves, Neron tells him that it is Blue Devil's fault his Aunt died. Zachary helps Eddie join the Teen Titans, they battle Kid Crusader and Zachary promises to keep his secret.

One Year Later

One Year Later, a rift has formed between Eddie and Zachary. Though Eddie is still friendly with Zachary, the boy magician wants nothing to do with Eddie or any of the other Titans. Eddie also forges a bond with Rose Wilson, as both new members feel like third string Titans. For many months, Eddie tells the Titans of multiple daily phone calls to Blue Devil as his way of confirming that "everything is fine".

On a Titans mission, Eddie is disemboweled by Plasmus and the EMTs are unable to help him. The new Doom Patrol arrives and take Kid Devil to their HQ for treatment, where the Chief heals Eddie, while also attempting to manipulate him into joining the Doom Patrol (as he has done to the other DP members). During the operation, the Chief revealed to Elasti-Girl that Kid Devil isn't truly a demon by nature, but rather his powers are the result of metahuman gene manipulation. Robin confronts Eddie about his relationship with the Blue Devil, who claims not to have heard from Eddie for two years. Eddie confesses he was only pretending, in order to better fit in with the Titans. The Chief's manipulation is stopped by both the Titans and the other members of the Doom Patrol, which makes Eddie feel as if he is finally accepted as a Titan since they stood up for him. He also tries rekindling his bond with Blue Devil, but the man does not show up to a meeting Eddie invited him to. Later, Eddie finally finds and confronts Blue Devil. Blue admits lying to Eddie about his aunt's death. As part of a deal for gaining fame and fortune, Blue Devil was tasked by Neron to destroy an unmanned power plant. Despite Blue Devil's various precautions, a resulting power surge accidentally killed Marla, who was scouting the nearby area for a film. Eddie storms off before Blue can explain further, telling Blue to stay far away from him. Now having lost his trust in Blue Devil, Eddie knows that he will lose his soul to Neron. Still, Eddie decides to make the best of his remaining years by having a good time with his friends. He comforts himself by saying at least he has Marla's memory and Neron can't take that away from him. However, it is revealed that Neron is holding Marla's soul captive.

Kid Devil is attacked by Kid Crusader who vows to "save" him from Neron by turning Eddie back into a human and killing him. The Crusader appears to succeed, when he exorcises the demon from Eddie and returns him to his human form, but the demon is then bound to Kid Crusader himself. When given the choice later to either return to his demonic form or stay human, Eddie chooses his demonic form, not wishing to damn anyone else (even his enemy) to his fate as Neron's protege.

Titans Tomorrow

Later as possible future versions of the current Titans team- arrive in the present to aid the Teen Titans against Starro-controlled villains. Kid Devil is shown as part of the team, now known as Red Devil. He claims that even though the loss of his soul to Neron at 20 was bad, the power he receives far outweighs the consequences. Eddie initially watches as Ravager battles alone against Rampage & Livewire , before betraying his older self in order to aid Rose. Later, Rose, Red Devil and Eddie return to the Titan's Lair (home of the original Teen Titans), where they meet with Blue Beetle. There Eddie learns that he is supposedly destined to murder the Blue Beetle some point in the future.

Shortly after Eddie, Rose and Jaime find themselves surrounded by an Army of Titans led by Lex Luthor, before they all battle against an invading army of Starros. Thanks in large part to Blue Beetle's powers and Robin and Wonder Girl managing to supposedly alter Robin's future (and thus alter the future of the Titans as a whole), the Army of Titans is supposedly defeated. However, prior to his vanishing, Red Devil warns Eddie against trusting Ravager and Blue Beetle.

Terror Titans

A Group of supervillains under the leadership of the new Clock King began a systematic assault on the Titans. With Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Ravager and Robin away, Miss Martian still reeling from the battle with her future counter-part, Eddie decides to throw a party in Titans Tower and invites several titans fans. The party quickly gets out of hand when the guests trash the place, go through personal items and prank calls Batman. Lectured by all members of the team, Eddie goes into town with one of the guests, who reveals himself to be Dreadbolt, son of Bolt. A fight ensues and the arrival of the rest of the Terror Titans puts a quick end to the battle. Kid Devil is next shown chained to a wall and severely injured and held captive by the Clock King who continues to torture Eddie by telling him that Rose Wilson couldn't care less about his status. Clock King then encourages Eddie to accept his place as a monster. Whe Miss Martian is captured by the villains, she is placed into a room with Eddie, who has become savage and bestial as a result of his beatings. After a brief battle, Eddie and M'Gann are placed in a cell, and Eddie is later brought out to face Hardrock to the death.

Later Eddie was finally freed and helped his friends combat against the Terror Titans. Since then he has become more comfortable on the team has begun to develop a good relationship with Blue Beetle and even changed his name to Red Devil.


  • Unique Physiology: Eddie's blood is now a thick gasoline-smelling liquid, his breath is hotter than fire, he possesses a prehensile tail, and his internal temperature is six hundred degrees. When Dr. Niles Caulder, leader of the Doom Patrol, tended Kid Devil's injury, he revealed that the young hero isn't a demon despite that his powers were granted by the demon lord Neron. Rather, Neron activated Eddie's metahuman gene which gave him his powers.


  • Devil Power Suit: (formerly) Eddie wore a Devil suit, which gave him enhanced strength and agility, near impenetrable armor, a weapons system that included bright light burst effect, exploding bubbles, night vision and mini-gills.


  • Rocket Trident: (formerly) He also had a rocket trident which could propel him through the air for distances of up to several miles and could emit flames and/or electric shocks.



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