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Nell was the sister of Laura Lang. She was good friends with Jonathan and Martha Kent, and once dated Jonathan in high school. She owned the flower shop attached to the Talon Theater, which was the place where Lana's parents first met. After Lana's parents were killed, Nell adopted Lana.

Nell suspected, but did not tell Lana that Herny Small was actually Lana's biological father. Nell sold the Talon building to Lex Luthor, then helped Lana manage the Talon after she proposed to turn it into a coffee shop.

Nell married Dean Winters, an insurance adjuster she met after the 2002 tornadoes, and moved with him to Metropolis. When Lana did not want to leave Smallville until she finished school, Nell allowed Lana to live with the Sullivans.

Nell came back into Lana's life when Lana became engaged to Lex Luthor. She helped her pick out a wedding dress in Paris and attended the wedding.

  • Nell Potter was portrayed by Sarah-Jane Redmond for eleven episodes (seven episodes in season one, three episodes in season two and one episode in season six).
  • Nell Potter is a character unique to the Smallville television series. To date, she does not have a canonical DC Comics counterpart. Nell shares the same last name as Professor Phineas Potter, the uncle to Lana Lang in Pre-Crisis Earth-One continuity as well as the Superboy television series.



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