Eliza Albion was a young noblewoman living in England married to Edward Albion. They were traveling through the countryside when they were accosted by The Raven, a notorious criminal who attempted to rob them and rape her. Suddenly a rocket fell out of the sky and crashed nearby, sent from the dying planet Krypton. Inside was Gar-El, an alien and the last surviving member of his race. He rescued the two of them from the bandit and then went on to become a powerful military and political force in the British empire. After her husband Edward died of cancer, Eliza married Gar-El. They had a son together but she died in child-birth. Many years later, when the immortal Gar-El had taken over the entire world, their powerless tenth generation descendant Kal-El fought to overthrow his rule.[1]

  • Eliza Albion is clearly analogous to the character Martha Kent. However, in this universe, instead of raising the Kryptonian that comes to earth as a baby, he arrives a grown man. Naturally, this leads to him having sex with her.



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