Originally from Manchester, Alabama, Eliza Harmon was chosen by Lex Luthor to participate in the Everyman Project after she came to him begging to be granted superspeed. Her wish was granted, and she became a member of Luthor's new super-hero team. However, she was not able to slow down to normal speed without taking the drug known as the Sharp. She blamed this predicament on Luthor and left the team.

Weeks later, she had stopped using the Sharp, and her friend and former teammate, Natasha Irons, convinced Luthor to let her back on the team. She hoped to one day move on to become a member of the Teen Titans and become the new Kid Flash. However, her dreams were cut short, as Luthor stripped her of her powers at a crucial moment in a battle with Blockbuster, and she was killed.

In tv arrowverse she appears in the flash as scientist who works in mercury labs who got hold of superspeed drug velocity-9 and under influence of her split personality who names herself 'Trajectory'uses it to rob people. drug makes her faster even more than the flash himself so he can't catch her. her split personality is born under pressure of feeling overworked under staffed and under a lot of stress in her work so 'Trajectory' convinces her that is ok to take shortcuts. but she gets killed when she takes too much of velocity-9 and tries to run away from the flash- she disintegrates into nothing in blue lighting which gives team flash clue to true identity of Zoom.