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Quote1 Queens have to be dignified, you know... and if I really am a queen, I shall be able to manage it quite well in time... Quote2
-- Alice src

Elizabeth Kane was the daughter of Jacob and Gabi Kane, and the twin sister of Katherine Kane. Originally from Gotham City, the family moved to Brussels, Belgium, when Colonel Jacob Kane was transferred to NATO.

In Brussels, the Kane family became the victim of a terrorist kidnapping. Gabi, Elizabeth, and Katherine were abducted; their chaperone Sergeant Carol was killed. Though Colonel Kane led the rescue mission, Katherine was the only apparent survivor. Gabi was shot through the head, and Elizabeth also seemingly lost her life.[1]

Elizabeth survived, but was mentally broken. Now part of the Religion of Crime, she styled herself as Alice, after the main character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She would only speak in quotes from that book. She quickly rose to power within the Religion of Crime, and was fast on her way of becoming the new High Priestess of Gotham City.

Pursuant to this, she kidnapped Colonel Kane, hoping his access to Fort Richards would allow her to acquire toxic gas. Colonel Kane recognized her as his long-lost daughter, but was too dumbstruck to do anything. In the ensuing fight with Batwoman (her sister Kate), she falls out of the plane into the river after stabbing Batwoman's extended hand with the words, "You have our father's eyes."

Later Batwoman tested her blood against that of Alice, to prove that she was in fact her sister Beth Kane. Kate believed that Alice/Beth Kane was dead as a result of the fall from the plane, but the police never recovered Beth's body. In the aftermath of Alice's death, Kate continued fighting the Religion of Crime, finding them defending a strange sarcophagus.

After the defeat of Medusa's cult, the DEO revived Alice/Beth using the sarcophagus recovered by Agent Cameron Chase from the Religion of Crime. Director Bones greets Alice with the words, "You have our sister's eyes." Bones revealed Beth to Kate as part of his blackmail plan to uncover Batman's identity. Alice flickered in and out of her identity as Beth, and asked to see Kate. After agreeing to Bones' plan, Kate demanded to see Beth. The reunion was nearly wordless, but culminated in a tearful but smiling embrace. Bette had planted a bug on Kate, revealing to the entire Kane family Beth's resurrection. Jake, Bette, and Catherine force Kate to accept help in fighting the DEO's plan and rescuing her sister. As Batwoman's fight against the DEO reached its climax, Bette sneaked into the compound and made contact with Beth. The two make it to a friendly helicopter, but the DEO manages to recapture the team quickly. Bones proposed a hostage trade - Batwoman's team, including Beth, who he suspended by her wrists from the ceiling of a warehouse, for Batman. Using Jake as a decoy Batman, Kate and Batman sprang a trap on Bones's forces. Batwoman rescued her sister, but Bones used his deadly touch to nearly kill Beth before being subdued. After the fight, Jake took Beth on a boat to an offshore treatment facility to try to reclaim his daughter's mind. Kate was sad to see her family leave, but had hope for the future.

After some time, Beth returned to Gotham, calling herself Red Alice, and exploring the currently abandoned Kane estate before revealing herself to her sister. However, Kate had fallen under the influence of Nocturna, believing herself in love with the "vampire." Alice quickly analyzed Nocturna and defended her sister. She forced a confrontation between herself and Nocturna, trading blows and batarangs with Batwoman before offering her neck to Batwoman, revealing that Nocturna was only an extremely powerful hypnosis expert. With Nocturna's control broken, Batwoman and Alice hand her over to the police. Alice comforts her sister, but they both find themselves summoned to space to defeat Morgaine. In the upper atmosphere, Alice's helmet cracked during fighting, forcing Ragman to take her soul so that Batwoman could preserve Alice's body during re-entry.[10] When Ragman attempted to revive Alice, he found her swimming away from many of the evil souls in his garments. She insists that despite all the evil she did, she wants to atone for her sins, and returns to her body. After defeating Morgaine and returning the world back to normal, Batwoman and Alice embraced. Later, Alice slept peacefully as Kate made an effort to patch up her relationship with Maggie.


  • Elizabeth Kane is also known as High Madame.
  • Elizabeth dyes her hair blonde.