Private Elliot "Lucky" Taylor never wanted to be a hero, just to serve his country. A promising military career was cut short when Elliot mistakenly stepped on a landmine! Officially filed as killed in action, Elliot, or what was left of him, was shipped to a top-secret government lab and subjected to secret experiments that transformed him into his current monstrous form. While he was saved, Elliot was now unable to go home or see his family again. Elliot was placed in a squad of other subjects of the program that had transformed him and the team was given the name "The Creature Commandos". Under the command of Dr. Matthew Shrieve, who often called the group "Freaks", Elliot and his new teammates carried out several missions for the U.S. Government.

In 1943, the Commandos were called in to investigate the disappearance of several Allied spotter planes, as well as a time-displaced Batman, only to discover an uncharted island inhabited by dinosaurs. Discovering that the Axis scientist known as the Ultra-Humanite had been mind-controlling the dinosaur population of the island to attack Allied forces in preparation for an invasion of America, the Creature Commandos and Batman worked together to stop the disembodied brain's plan. Their mission over, the Commandos and Batman found a transport boat for a ride home and the Commandos received unexpected praise from the Caped Crusader. When Elliot overheard Shrieve speaking of turning the dinosaurs into military weapons, he grabbed the camera from his commanding officer and tossed it into the ocean while his teammates told Shrieve that they would not let him or his superiors do to the dinosaurs what had been done to them.


  • Mute: The explosion that originally injured Elliot badly damaged his vocal chords, rendering almost entirely mute.