Quote1 You know nothing about the burden of responsibility! I killed my husband for this family! Quote2
-- Elsa Mardon src

Elsa was married to Marco Mardon's brother, Claudio, who was also a criminal in Central City. When Claudio was 22, Elsa found out that he was going to broker a peace treaty with the rival cartel in the city to unite the families and end the violence. However, Elsa also knew that he was going to have to give up major Mardon territory for this, thus weakening the Mardon family. Frustrated with that, Elsa traveled to Central City and murdered her own husband and blamed it on the rival family to spark a war and convinced Claudio's brother, Marco - the Weather Wizard, to come back to the family and help.

When The Flash arrived to investigate the shady going-ons, Elsa revealed that she was the one who orchestrated everything. Furious, Weather Wizard called upon a bolt of lightning, killing his sister-in-law.