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The Hartleys were a large family of settlers that were wagon-training near Blue Springs around 1871. They were attacked and killed by Crows (a Native American tribe), all except for Emmylou and her cousin Lorna. They were taken back to the Crow village. Lorna was killed after refusing to be the bride of a Crow warrior. Emmylou agreed to marry Eagle Who Stands. After four years of being his wifely servant, she escaped. A pack of Crow warriors were hot on her trail, until they came across Jonah Hex. [1]


As Emmylou Hartley was by all accounts human, she did not possess any superhuman powers.


Emmylou's lover, Brett, trained her in the art of robbery and firearms.

Strength level

In her prime, Emmylou possessed the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engaged in minimal physical exercise.




Emmylou brandished a Colt .44 six-shooter while robbing stagecoaches



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