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Enchantress is a magic-using super-villain. Her human host is the innocent woman June Moone. Originally she was explained as a second personality, but later she was revealed as a separate entity.

In the Dark

Enchantress is separated from June Moone and creates hundreds of mindless duplicates to look for her across the world.[1] She begins to go insane from the separation and starts terrorizing the planet.[2] June gets Deadman to protect her, but Enchantress crashes their car in the middle of the woods.[3] Eventually she recaptures June when Shade the Changing Man messes up a spell to rescue them.[4] Madame Xanadu assembles the Justice League Dark to fight Enchantress. John Constantine ends the threat by binding June Moone to her again, sacrificing one life to save hundreds from her torment.[5]


  • In her original appearances, Enchantress was June Moone's second personality.[6] Peter Milligan later established her as a separate entity during In the Dark.[1]
  • It is possible that the Enchantress is a Homo Magi.



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