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"Episode 2: The Truth": The Head attacks Michael Smith in an alleyway. He shoves a metal instrument into his nose and begins extracting Michael's brain matter. The Enigma arrives and kills the Head, but he is too late. Michael Smith is virt

Quote1 ...lies and half-truths and deceits. Our society is built upon them. Our churches and schools and politicians deal in them... your entire lives are awash with them. Who among you can claim to be honest? Who does not lie? Quote2
-- The Truth

Appearing in "Episode 2: The Truth"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Craig (Single appearance)
  • Mulligan (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Episode 2: The Truth"

The Head attacks Michael Smith in an alleyway. He shoves a metal instrument into his nose and begins extracting Michael's brain matter. The Enigma arrives and kills the Head, but he is too late. Michael Smith is virtually brain dead.

Michael is taken to the hospital and put on life support. His girlfriend Sandra comes to visit him, but the doctors tell her that there is little they can do. She asks if she can have the night with him before they pull the plug.

Elsewhere, the police gather the remains of the Head and bring it back to the medical examiner's office. Analyzing it, they determine that the head was once a salesman named Roger Cliff. They are stymied as to how he could have mutated into such a hideous creature.

Across town, a new entity emerges to take the place of the Head. This is a strange being calling himself the Truth. The Truth barges into the Grapes of Wrath restaurant and begins pontificating about the lies and deceit inherent in all humankind. He begins to show people the "truth" by literally bearing open their soul. The process is violent, invasive and ultimately results in the target's death. Twenty-five people are killed and fifteen are left traumatized.

The following morning, the medical team arrives in Michael's room to relieve Sandra. None of them realize that the Enigma also paid a visit to Michael's room last evening. The effects of the Enigma’s presence manifest itself as Michael suddenly springs to life. He appears perfectly normal with no evidence of the suffering he endured at the hands of the Head. Michael screams, "The Enigma!" and claims to know where the Enigma is staying.

That evening, police detectives recover fingerprint evidence indicating that the Truth is actually Victor Lamont, a retired stage actor. They raid Lamont's mansion where they find the remains of several more victims. Lamont presents himself as the Truth and uses his power on the detectives. The lead detective is forced to face his own inadequacies and is overwrought with guilt for feelings he apparently has for his own daughter. He runs out of the mansion, withdraws his sidearm and shoots himself in the head.

The Enigma appears and begins fighting the Truth. The Truth proves himself a more powerful entity than the Head and pounces upon Enigma. He begins throttling him and it appears as if he might just win.

Michael Smith meanwhile, discharges himself from the hospital and races back home with Sandra. He remembers where he first saw the Enigma that has been plaguing his dreams. He opens an old suitcase containing a pile of comic books from the 1970s. The Enigma was actually the lead character from his own self-titled comic book published by independent creator Titus Bird. Michael realizes that elements of the comic, including the Enigma's rogues gallery are now coming to life. The series only lasted three issues and ended with Enigma being killed by the Truth.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Enigma trade paperback.
  • Issue shipped on February 25th, 1993.
  • Issue includes a preview of scenes from Enigma #3.
  • Victor Lamont appeared last in the first part of issue #1. This is Lamont's first appearance as the Truth.


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