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"Episode 3: The Good Boy": Having miraculously returned to normal after having part of his brain removed by the Head, Michael Smith is emboldened with a new found confidence and energy. He knows that the Enigma is real and that a new villain callin

Quote1 My own characters have come to life to get me, I thought. I should have been nicer to them. I should have given them a better world to live in. Made them do nice things instead of making them all crazy bastards. Quote2
-- Titus Bird

Appearing in "Episode 3: The Good Boy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Enigmatics (First appearance)
  • Joe (Final appearance)
  • Mrs. Smith (Flashback only)
  • Saturn (Single appearance)
  • William Williams (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Episode 3: The Good Boy"

Having miraculously returned to normal after having part of his brain removed by the Head, Michael Smith is emboldened with a new found confidence and energy. He knows that the Enigma is real and that a new villain calling himself the Truth is plaguing Pacific City. Somehow, he is caught in the center of all this strangeness, but does not know why. Michael decides that the only way to answer the mystery is by tracking down Titus Bird, the creator of the original Enigma comic book series from the 1970s.

Meanwhile, super-model Victoria Yes shows off a new gown at a fashion show. The designer, William Williams tells her that the design for the gown came to him in a dream. Victoria finds the piece to be ludicrous however. While walking the runway, Victoria is suddenly transformed into another villain from the Enigma comic - Envelope Girl. The folds of her body and clothes become a virtual gateway and in her surprise and mania, she envelopes William Williams and teleports him miles away.

Later that evening, Michael is driving and picks up a hitchhiker named Saturn. They stop when they see a wrapped parcel sitting in the middle of the road. Opening it, Michael finds William Williams trapped inside. Williams springs out, and having no idea where he is, runs off into the night. Michael immediately recognizes this as Envelope Girl's handiwork. Michael puts the incident out of his mind and Saturn and he stop at a motel and spend the night together. Michael is surprised at his own behavior and the fact that he no longer appears to be enslaved to his former compulsions.

Days pass, and Michael finally tracks down Titus Bird's last known location. He is in a small town in Texas. The locals have formed a cult, celebrating Bird's work on the Enigma comic - particularly now that news of a real Enigma has been circulating across the country. These so-called "Enigmatics" regard Titus as some sort of guru. Michael finds him and saves him from a horde of oncoming Enigmatics. Titus hops into Michael's car and Mike takes him to a bar on the edge of town.

Michael tells him of his recent experiences and how characters from Titus' old comic have been popping up in Pacific City. Titus has no idea what to make of all this, and admits that most of the material he submitted for the comic was written through a haze of drugs. Michael presses him for information about what would have happened had the title continued publication, but Titus doesn't remember. The two continue having drinks together and Titus hits on Michael. Michael is shocked and offended and punches Titus in the face, sending him reeling. Titus apologizes and tempers cool. Titus agrees to come back to Pacific City with Michael.

Once they arrive, they discover that the Truth has slaughtered all of the parishioners of Saint Peter's Cathedral. The Enigma arrived to face him, but as depicted in issue #3 of the comic, the Truth emerges triumphant. Michael breaks through the police line, desperate to save the Enigma.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Enigma trade paperback.
  • Issue shipped on April 1st, 1993.
  • Issue includes a preview of scenes from Enigma #4.


  • No trivia.

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