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Entropy Aegis

Official Name
The Aegis of Entropy


Lead Designer

Place of Creation

Formed from the remains of one of Imperiex's probes, the Aegis of Entropy was designed to be used as a weapon against Imperiex.

Current Owner


The Aegis of Entropy is a suit of armor powered from entropy that was designed by Darkseid. He had it crafted from a fusion of Apokoliptian technology and an Imperiex probe. He offered it to Superman for use in the war against Imperiex. Superman refused to use it. Instead, John Henry Irons took and used the armor.[1] As a result, he became increasingly dependent on it and came under the influence of Darkseid. Irons was summoned to Apokolips, where his niece Natasha, Superman, and others were able to free him from the armor. The process seriously injured Irons, which temporarily prevented him from using any armor.


The Entropy Aegis is made ​​from the remains of a Imperiex probe and Apokoliptan technology. Its metallic alloy enables the wearer to survive the environment of space, resist attacks on a cosmic level, travel through space at nearly the speed of light, and teleport to anywhere in the universe.

The armor also has the ability to absorb, nullify and reflect energies to opponents, and fire blasts of strange purple energy from its gauntlets.


  • The Entropy Aegis became Steel's default armor during the "Our Worlds at War" story line. When the character appeared, so did the armor for the next year and a half.
  • These appearances fall only within the New Earth continuity.


  • The Entropy Aegis was considered the culmination of Apokoliptan dark military science that was melded with the very fabric of Imperiex himself.

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