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Quote1 ZoomZoomZoomZoomLikeApesLikeApesLikeApes! Quote2
-- Professor Zoom src

In an alternate timeline created when Impulse killed an insect in the Devonian Age, most super-villains were government bureaucrats. Professor Zoom was the National Science Advisor to President-for-Life Julian Tremain. Although he claimed that his super speed gave him a superior intellect, his advice tended be extremely obvious.

In subsequent changes to the timeline, Zoom defected to the rebellion against Tremain led by Gorilla Grodd; turned into a gorilla fighting against an army of turtles led by Grodd, now a turtle himself; and was a gorilla in Ancient Egypt. [1]


  • Zoom carried a controller which slowed his usually extremely rapid speech down so that he could be understood by others.



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