In season one Eric was a quiet, shy student at Smallville High with a crush on a beautiful blond girl named Holly. He was taking a geology class taught by his overbearing, verbally-abusive father. During a field trip, Eric wandered away. Clark Kent found him standing in the edge of a dam, the protector barrier was shocked by a lightning, and Eric fell down. Clark grabbed him as he fell, but was struck by lightning at the same time. Eric was holding a bag with a meteor rock in it, and Clark's Kryptonian powers were transferred to him. Eric used his powers far more openly than Clark ever did. When he thwarted a purse-snatcher, Chloe Sullivan gave him the nickname "Superboy" in her first byline in the Smallville Ledger.

However, Eric soon became violent and unpredictable. His father wanted him to submit to tests; his mother was afraid of him; and Holly rejected him. At school, Clark stepped in to stop him from attacking Holly's boyfriend, Brent. Eric threw him thirty feet, and Clark had to go to the hospital to have his ribs bandaged. When the sheriff came to question him regarding the incident, he tore the street apart in a rage.

Clark guessed that if Eric had his abilities, he also had his weaknesses. He asked to borrow Lana Lang's meteor rock necklace in an attempt to subdue Eric. As Clark attacked Eric with the necklace, Eric attacked Clark with a live power line. The resulting bolt of electricity reversed the original process.

In season three Eric was taken to Belle Reve, where he befriended two of Clark's old foes; Ian Randall, a boy who could replicate himself, and Van McNulty, a boy who tried to kill everyone who had been given a superpower by the kryptonite rocks. The three of them worked together to defeat Clark when Clark broke into Belle Reeve in an attempt to rescue Lex Luthor. McNulty provided the meteor rock, Ian used it to subdue Clark, and Eric leeched Clark's powers again. When Eric attacked Ian (killing him), Clark recovered and subdued Eric, using the same meteor rock to restore his powers. Eric's present whereabouts are unknown; presumably he is still in the mental hospital.




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