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Goldstar was the twin brother to the evil, space-faring maniac murderer Bludhound who was dying from a strange alien virus set to make his last amends to his long-lost brother, Goldstar, as to kill him. Raised by erratic parents, their father used the twins as a social experiment of extremes treating Goldstar with morals, heroism, forthright scruples, and annoying human decency to become the puritanical goody-two shoes super-hero for Planet Harmony while Bludhound received the opposite upbringing to become a deranged, maniacal killer to their father's curiosity towards good and evil.

Bludhound had a $100,000 dollar bounty for his capture for mass mayhem and multiple murders since pursued by Lobo in straits to capture Bludhound alive less his terminal disease killed him making his bounty worthless. In Lobo and Bludhound's fight in space lead a crash landing to Planet Harmony resulting in their falling rescue by Goldstar who both knocked out the hero unconscious before returning to their fight. The disease would kill Bludhound

Lobo would be contracted to protect a false preacher and open charlatan Phonus Balonus from assassination by religious fundamentals on a contract by Bunsen. Upon the contracts' completion with Balonus' enemies slain, Lobo sought to create his own church in the efforts of making easier money on the gullibility of the religiously faithful with Jonas Glim as a fellow pastor. Goldstar would intervene on the church in secret in effort to condemn Lobo and Jonas Glim as fraudsters and thieves only to be removed as a trouble-maker by the congregation. In prude efforts to shut Lobo down, Goldstar spied on Lobo set to scheme ripping a fortune from a desolated planet on the false prophesy of a staged disaster he'd team along with a prior demolitions ally to blow up a mountain. Upon the date Lobo and Jonas Glim would set their religious event on stage, Goldstar would remove a detonative timer to the mountain of explosives before revealing church-goers of Lobo's treachery, but failed to locate a second detonator that lead the mountain to explode and create a series of tectonic earthquakes that destroyed the planet, its denizens, but not before Lobo or Jonas' escape and the destruction of their dirty gains. Goldstar would be knocked unconscious and alone in the empty vastness of space.

Later Goldstar would gain amnesia to becoming a janitor to a men's restroom which lead to a run-in and spiteful mockery by Lobo and Jonas Glim in their bounty hunting means against a wanted club owner resulting the public restrooms' destruction.

Goldstar would come to die in Lobo Vol.2 #44 but would gain some zombie and flashback references up to Lobo Vol. 2 #55.


Goldstar exhibits powers of flight, super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability from "pure spirit", and can project energy beams that induce people to feel overjoyed or absent from ill-will or sleazy thoughts/feelings. He can spread energies of positivity or charity in criminals, even Lobo, even though its impulsive and disingenuous. In death, Goldstar would become a zombie with retained powers and powers accompanied with zombies.


Goldstar is able to sense good intentions and reward people for them with his "Goldstar of approval" stickers. He can fly unaided in outer space. He's a superb janitor.


Goldstar is naïve to human evils, cruel jokes, subject to memory loss, and has been undead as a zombie in the past. He holds noble, but unrealistic, morals.


Goldstar owns a rehabilitation center or prison area able to reform caught criminals into society. The center is maintained and cared in part by robotic servants.

Goldstar/ Ernest Widdle should not be confused with DC heroine Goldstar/ Michelle Carter who is sister to Booster Gold on Earth.

Ernest Widdle is a saccharine, goody-two shoes satire to Superman. Goldstar is the "heroic" foil of Lobo and Lobo completely hates Goldstar for his puritanical, unrealistic morals.



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