Ethan Miller was good friends with the Jonathan and Martha Kent and as a sheriff, was well-liked by the community. He served the community since at least the 1989 meteor shower

Before his career ended, Ethan was doing private work for Lionel Luthor. When Ethan couldn't reconcile Lionel's demands with his own conscience, he tried to break-off the relationship, but was threatened by Lionel. In order to "solve" the problem, he decided to murder Lionel and made the difficult choice to frame Jonathan Kent. Using the well-known tension between Jonathan and Lionel, Ethan had Jonathan drugged at the Wild Coyote and then laid out circumstantial evidence that initially lead to the arrest of Mr. Kent. In the end, Ethan's plot was uncovered and he was himself incarcerated for the attempted murder of Lionel Luthor, thus ending his term as sheriff and he now serves in prison for attempted murder.

  • Ethan Miller was played by Mitchell Kosterman.



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