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Quote1 Gone! Gone! -- the form of man -- Rise, the Demon Etrigan! Quote2
-- Etrigan src

Etrigan is a demon prince of Hell who was bound to the mortal, Jason Blood. They have walked the Earth (and the depths of Hell) together as both comrades and enemies for over a millennium. The Demon has fought on the side of good more than once, but his allegiance is never be guaranteed.


When the Archduke Belial invaded the lands of the Serpent Queen, Ran Va Daath, the two foes ended the war by copulating on the corpses of their dead.[1] Thus, Etrigan was born. The first born of Belial was branded with a sigil, and the infant immediately expressed the pleasure of pain.[2] The young fiend was such a handful that Lucifer himself instructed Belial to control him. No amount of beatings could tame one who enjoyed physical torture, so Belial exiled Etrigan's mother to Masak Mavdil and told his son that his antics drove her away.[1]

Etrigan only lashed out at his father more, and when grown, tricked him into falling in love with an animal spirit using a glamour charm, the punchline revealed with the birth of a goat son. Belial tried to turn Etrigan's new sibling against him, but Lord Scapegoat only harboured unrequited affection for his older brother. Frustrated, Belial left Hell for several decades, returning with a third son born of a mortal witch, Merlin. The child was bred for one purpose, to sire a wizard with the magical power great enough to subdue Etrigan.[1]


Etrigan was originally summoned to Earth to serve Merlin in a desperate final attempt to protect Camelot, and his Eternity Book, from the evil witch, Morgaine le Fey.[3] When it became clear that the kingdom would fall regardless, Merlin bound the unruly Demon to a mortal peasant named Jason, while Merlin went into hiding to rest. In the chaos of the binding spell, the demon-mortal amalgam slaughtered Jason's wife and children. When the carnage was discovered, the town turned against Jason and Etrigan was inadvertently summoned for the first time, massacring the entire village.[4]

From that day forth, man and beast worked in tandem. Etrigan incited war and strife and in return Jason gained wealth and status. At the end of the Fifth Crusade, in 1221 A.D., Etrigan was summoned by Reynald de la Montaigne to siege the fortress of Al Salah. The Demon would only assist providing the commanding Bishop made a deal; he would defeat the enemy in return for the Eternity Book, and he borrowed the Commander's soul so he could not renege. The next day the Franks believed Etrigan had gone back on his word as their forces were slaughtered at the ramparts. Only when the crusaders forces were sufficiently depleted did Etrigan reveal himself to raise the fallen soldiers from the dead to avenger themselves.[5]

Etrigan and Jason continued to pillage for centuries, even delivering the soul of Captain Scumm directly to Lucifer.[6] They ravaged Europe and America until Etrigan went too far in 1917. At the third battle of Ypres, Etrigan was summoned to defeat the Germans, but he brought his own demonic forces from the Pit that murdered all of Captain Blood's troops as well. Blood almost went insane when he witnessed the carnage, so Etrigan hastily cast a blanket spell to spare his host's mind, only to erase the memories Blood's entire past.[4]

Return of the Demon

For over half a century, Jason lived a good life without any knowledge of Etrigan, until he was summoned to the crypt of Merlin and recited the incantation to release the Demon.[3] Unfortunately, Blood was followed by the decrepit Morgaine le Fey who coveted a spell to restore her youth. The sorceress was simply able to stop the Demon by reverting him back to mortal form. She escaped with the required information and Etrigan failed to stop her completing the ritual.[7] Morgaine soon returned, this time to claim the Philosopher's Stone. She managed to summon Kafir, the Horned One to battle Etrigan and branded the Demon in order to control him.[8]

Etrigan would eventually be reunited with Merlin for the first time since the age of Arthur. An entity known as the Kamara left a trail of death on its journey to Gotham City where it found Jason Blood. The fear-monster delivered its quarry to the witch that summoned it, Ugly Meg, who served the Iron Duke.[9] Ugly Meg's plan to draw out Merlin succeeded, but her arrogance lead to her downfall when facing Etrigan, who then returned the true source of Meg's power back from whence it came.[10]

Evil followed Etrigan back from the Transylvanian duchy after he fought the ferocious creature known as, "the Howler". Eric Shiller, the unfortunate soul possessed by the Primal Entity, travelled back to America with Blood in hopes of exorcising it. The ritual was interrupted, and Etrigan was summoned to fend off the beast with demon-flame, but it fell from Blood's apartment window, killing Shiller.[11]

The troubles of Etrigan had only begun when a disturbing young warlock sought out Jason for protection. The witchboy was not lying about being hunted down by his own people, but Klarion and his familiar had ulterior motives. When Etrigan saved the boy by using the witch-folk's own hex symbol against them, Klarion quickly revealed his true colours, hoping to make the Demon his servant. Etrigan cleverly played along, embracing his new "master" in a ruse to magically transport the witchboy to another dimension.[12] Unfortunately, Klarion was able to source the counter-spell to escape, returning to Blood's apartment for revenge. The witchboy created a doppelgänger of his "uncle" Jason which he commanded to destroy Blood's three best friends. Etrigan rushed to save them, but though he succeeded, he began to fade from existence the longer the doppelgänger remained on Earth.[13] The power of the Philosopher's Stone restored the Demon's material form and he battled his own doppleganger before imprisoning his enemies in the Region Beyond.[14]

Because Kalrion nearly exposed Blood's duel identity during a party, Jason attempted to destroy the Demon inside with the Philosopher's Stone so he could live a normal life. He encased himself in an eldritch frost and the unnatural cold extinguished the Hell-born entity within him. Immediately after however, Glenda was abducted by the elusive Phantom of the Sewers and Blood needed the Demon's help.[15] Once more using the power of the stone, Blood enveloped himself in demon-flame and reawakened Etrigan.[16] The Demon was able track down the Phantom at an abandoned theatre and learned of his cursed past. Etrigan aided the Phantom by summoning the spirit of Galatea, who possessed Glenda's body and reversed the spell.[17]

Blood was later kidnapped himself by the sadistic Baron von Rakenstein, an occult surgeon who planned to transplant Blood's head onto his Monster, giving the Demon and powerful new body which could be controlled by the mad scientist.[18] The Philosopher's Stone proved invaluable once more as it initiated the summoning of Etrigan while Blood was sedated. The Demon had already vanquished one of Rakenstein's ancestors and wasted no time freeing Evilstein's Monster and razing the laboratory.[19] The Baron and Igor managed to slip out a secret exit and confronted the Demon above the streets of Gotham. The Baron's electric lash was no match for the power of the stone, and Etrigan turned the two villains into vultures.[20]

Blue Devil

Jason Blood sensed the presence of a "hell-born entity", this entity being the spirit of Nebiros. Nebiros, who had manifested himself inside of Blue Devil's trident, had complete control over Blue Devi himself. Jason released Etrigan, who left in search of the entity.[21] Etrigan finally reached the location of Nebiros, California, but arrived too late, since Blue Devil had already expelled Nebiros from his trident with the help of Zatanna and Green Lantern. Etrigan, who still believed Blue Devil and the trident to be possessed, attacked Blue Devil. Zatanna tried to neutralize Etrigan by using one of her backwards spells on a wall of bricks, but Etrigan used his own magic to turn the bricks on Zatanna, incapacitating her. During the altercation, Blue Devil told Etrigan that the evil in the trident was gone. Etrigan, intrigued, stops fighting, and usds his magic to check the trident for any signs of Nebiros, finding none, and satisfied that Nebiros was gone, Etrigan left the scene, leaving behind a very bewildered Blue Devil, and several confused onlookers.[22]

The Great Darkness

Etrigan, along with Swamp Thing, gathered an army to battle the Great Darkness.[23] Etrigan led his army against the Great Darkness, but the Great Darkness consumed him, into itself. While inside the Darkness, Etrigan explained that the Darkness was evil, and it was locked in an eternal struggle with God's light. The Darkness needed knowledge, and learned from Etrigan the concepts of fatalism and inevitability. The Darkness then spat Etrigan back out onto the ground, where Etrigan lay unconscious.[24]

Cosmic Odyssey

Darkseid had captured Etrigan, and he revealed this to Jason Blood.[25] Etrigan and Jason then merged, restoring Etrigan to full power.[26] Etrigan and Darkseid entered into the Anti-Life's Realm,[27] where Etrigan and Darkseid then proceeded to engage the Anti-Life Entity in combat. Just when they were about to be killed by the entity, Doctor Fate, Orion, and Highfather appeared and saved them. The five of them held their own against the entity for awhile, but then Doctor Fate, transported them away, trapping the entity in it's own realm.[28]

Apocalypse Now

The Phantom Stranger sensed a great evil and went to Arkham Asylum to try and assuage the mind of Tenzin Wyatt. Wyatt created a tulpa of rage, which closed in on the home of Jason Blood. Klarion was also closing in on the home, since both he and the tulpa sought retribution. Neither of them knew that Jason Blood had left to meditate in Nepal.[29] Jason Blood continued his meditation in the temple of the Green Dragon Society in Nepal. The Phantom Stranger tried to convince Jason to come back to Gotham, but Jason refused.[30] At one point, Klarion formed a new 'gang' to exact his revenge on Etrigan. As this was happening, Jason Blood was meditating on his own past, and the Green Dragon Society welcomed 'the Destroyer' to Earth.[31] 'The Destroyer' ended up being the bounty hunter Lobo. The Green Dragon Society persuaded Lobo to drop an h-bomb on Megiddo to further their own warped goals, but Jason resisted, and transformed into Etrigan to stop Lobo. [32] Etrigan and Lobo fought, until both of them realized they had the same destructive goals, and they formed an alliance.[33] But Etrigan and Lobo went back to fighting each other and Klarion's gang.[34] Things only got worse when Lobo hijacked a hydrogen bomb and rode his space hog to Meggido to detonate the bomb. Jason Blood had to release Etrigan to save himself, and Etrigan went after Lobo, so Etrigan could detonate the bomb, not Lobo.[35]

War of the Gods

Klarion witnessed Wonder Woman's apparent death at the hands of Circe. Being mischievous, Klarion sent Wonder Woman to the Region Beyond, where she encountered Etrigan and Jason Blood. A fight broke out between Etrigan and Wonder Woman, and Jason had to force the Demon to revert back, before Etrigan killed Wonder Woman.[36]

Political Asylum

Pollster Phil Harrity got hired by Mr. Dingle to find the perfect conservative presidential candidate. Harrity ran the aspects of the perfect conservative through his computer three times, which summoned the Demon Etrigan.[37] Etrigan began running for president. But an assassination attempt almost ruined his campaign.[38] Etrigan tried to kill the assassin, but Superman stopped him, and the two eventually got in a fight with each other. During the fight, Etrigan tried to get the Man of Steel to support his candidacy, but Superman refused.[39] Etrigan almost gained presidency, but it was denied him.[40]

The Eternity Quest

Jason Blood sought out the Eternity Book to help his friend, Harry Matthews.[41] Jason Blood found the Eternity Book, which was owned by a janitor who refused to give it up. Jason released Etrigan, and Etrigan and the janitor fought magically, which alerted Asteroth to the Demon. Meanwhile, Lobo travelled to Earth, with a bone to pick with Etrigan.[42] Lobo finally reached Earth, and an inevitable fight between Etrigan and Lobo took place. Etrigan ended the fight, and asked Lobo to travel to Hell with him.[43] Etrigan, Lobo, and Harry travelled to Hell to get the Eternity Book, they had trouble finding it amid the chaos. Morax joined up with them.[44] Etrigan and his friends have traced Harry's soul to the Impenetrable Fortress of Flyn, where Belial's heart was.[45] Etrigan and co. arrived at the fort,[46] Etrigan met Hell's new rulers, Remiel and Duma,[47] and Etrigan traded Belial's heart for Harry's soul. However, Merlin had been playing them all along, and supposedly killed Etrigan.[48] The Thing-That-Cannot-Die was upset over the [apparent] death of Jason Blood, and started a fight at Etrigan's funeral. Etrigan, who had not died, interrupted the fight and stopped it.[49]

Hell's Hitman

Jason Blood begrudgingly agreed to let Etrigan go after Asteroth, because Etrigan had helped save Harry Matthew's soul.[50] Etrigan failed to kill Asteroth, and hired Hitman for help. Etrigan also pushed Glenda Mark out of his life, and Asteroth revealed his true plans.[51] Etrigan attempted to foil Asteroth's plan by influencing his televangelist friends, but it was too late, Asteroth had already completed his ritual, summoning the mighty Gothodaemon.[52] Etrigan and Hitman launched a full-scale assault on the Gothodaemon, which worked, but caused much chaos in Gotham City.[53]

Underworld Unleashed

When Sentinel and a handful of magic heroes ventured into Neron's realm to reclaim Molly's soul, Etrigan was one of the opponents they had to face, along with Blaze, Blackbriar Thorn and Dementor. Etrigan fought, and underestimated Fate. Once Stevens unleashed the chaotic powers of his right arm, which tried to consume Etrigan, The Demon submitted by transforming back into Blood.[54]

Major Arcana

The Joker had been studying demonology while in Arkham Asylum. Once he broke out, he attempted to summon Satan himself, but instead summoned Etrigan.[55] Etrigan and Joker attacked Batman, but didn't kill him.[56] Etrigan eventually turned from his ways and helped Batman defeat the Joker.[57]

Day of Judgment

Etrigan freed the fallen angel, Asmodel and tricked the Spectre entity into bonding with Asmodel.[58] Etrigan had to retreat with Asmodel, when Zatanna and Madame Xanadu bound some of the Spectre's energy into Xanadu's crystal ball.[59] Etrigan went to retrieve the magical glove, Hyssa's Fist, but ended up fighting Superboy.[60]


Etrigan was working as a Santa Clause in a mall where Clark Kent and La Encantadora were shopping for Christmas gifts. Clark changed into Superman and Etrigan and Superman fought. Etrigan punched Superman into orbit and stole La Encantadora's magic mists. Superman returned, and he and Etrigan started fighting again. Etrigan explained that he had used the mists to release everyone's inner-demons into the physical world, and he was using his one day a year to rome freely, to kill Jason Blood. Superman got rid of the mists and stopped Etrigan, who teleported away.[61]


After emerald archer Green Arrow's resurrection, Batman and Oliver went to the burnt remains of the Queen mansion, in the hopes of jogging Oliver's memory. Etrigan appeared, and attacked the pair. After a brief altercation Batman and Oliie recruited Blood for his occult knowledge so that he may help them figure out how Oliver could have been resurrected. It was found that Oliver was a Hollow - a soulless husk of a human, created by Hal Jordan with the Spectre's powers to soothe his guilt. Blood called on Etrigan to kill Oliver (being a Hollow left him vulnerable to possession, which could have been very bad). He was stopped in his attempt by a Fire Extinguisher Arrow. Batman, in response to the unusual weapon said, "I will never ever mock your trick arrows again."[62] Later, Batman, Black Canary and Arsenal all assaulted Etrigan because they thought Etrigan was responsible for Green Arrow's death, but Deadman took control of Etrigan's body, forced Etrigan to revert to Jason Blood, and, still in Jason Blood's body, informed the group that Green arrow is perfectly fine, he was just taking a tour of Heaven.[63]

Etrigan eventually lost the restrictions imposed upon him by Merlin which turned him from evil, caused by his "murder" at the exact moment he was transforming from his human guise Jason Blood into his demon self. It turned out that the incident resulted in Jason Blood being able to exert some will over Etrigan's violent nature, whereas previously the two remained separate, only one existing at a time.

Brightest Day

Ragman attacked a hobo in the city but Etrigan arrived. Ragman left, knowing that Etrigan lost his status as a rhyming demon. The hobo thanked Etrigan for saving him, but Etrigan killed him.[64] Etrigan and Ragman continued their fight in the sewers. The fight was interrupted by Lady Blaze, who offered for Etrigan to join her. Jason Blood told Etrigan not to, but Etrigan agreed.[65] Blaze's army of demons subdued Batman, and Etrigan attacked him, accusing him of interfering in Blaze's plans. Batman fought Etrigan, who tells Batman that he swore allegiance to Blaze, because she promised to return him to his status as a rhyming demon. Batman revealed to Etrigan that Blaze lied, and wasn't going to hold up her end of the bargain. This made Etrigan attack Blaze, which forced Blaze to restore Etrigan's status and old powers. Meanwhile, in the sewers, Ragman, who was holding Dawn Golden as a hostage, was preparing for a ritual that would give him eternal life. Aleister Golden had been controlling Ragman, and Aleister left Ragman's body to complete the ritual. Batman and Etrigan appeared, and attacked Aleister. But Aleister stabbed Dawn with a knife, killing her and completing the ritual. Using his new found power, Aleister summoned a monster with a thousand tentacles. Etrigan destroyed Aleister, and told a grieving Batman that he needed to let go of Dawn. Etrigan promptly left.[66]


  • Demonic Physiology: Etrigan was much more powerful than a regular demon. He was mystically enhanced and trained for thousands of years.
  • Super-Leaping[67]
  • Claws[67] His claws were able to rip through metal robots.[76] They were also able to hurt Superman, due to Etrigan's magical nature.[61]
  • Fangs
  • Hellfire Projection: Etrigan's Hellfire was one of his most used abilities, and very powerful, seeing as it affected Superman several times in the past.[77][78][61] Etrigan could also superheat his own body, burning Batman's hand and even melting his way deep underground.[20]
  • Magic/Magic: Etrigan has a high command of magic; through his prowess in magic, he has enhanced his normal demon physiology, giving him added abilities.
  • Demonic Bargaining: Etrigan has displayed some examples of 'wish fulfilment' for something in return.[79][80]
  • Precognition: Etrigan foresaw his meeting Tommy Monaghan.[81]
  • Retrocognition: Etrigan can enter and observe past events in real time but cannot be seen, nor interact with the time illusion.[82][83]
  • Teleportation: Etrigan can recite or cast spells to materialise in new locations.[35]
  • Summoning: Etrigan can summon other demons from Hell.[83]
  • Eldritch Blast: Etrigan's projectiles have penetrated Merlin's defences in a weakened state.[84]
  • Necromancy: Etrigan was able to raise the undead.[85]
  • Pyrokinesis: Etrigan created a flame figure to act as a decoy.[86]
  • Geokinesis: Etrigan created an explosive shock wave, tearing up the ground and culminating in a huge eruption.[87] He also liquefied a rock floor, then solidified it again to trap Lobo.[88]
  • Aerokinesis: Etrigan has projected strong gusts of wind.[16][13][14]
  • Photokinesis: Etrigan once created a flash of blinding light as a temporary diversion.[20]
  • Spell of Tempus Frangit: Etrigan can use this spell to send himself or others back in time. He cannot, however, use it to cross through his own timeline.[77]
  • Illusion Casting: Etrigan fooled his own father by casting a glamour charm on an animal spirit.[1]
  • Energy Projection: When overwhelmed by numbers or strength, Etrigan has displayed the ability to project a type of concussive explosion from his body.[14][89]



  • Idols and Talismans: Blood is able to cause Etrigan pain from inside himself, with an idol of an unknown fertility goddess.[101]
  • Crucifixes: The Christian crucifix causes severe pain on contact.[75]
  • Holy Water: Holy water burns Etrigan's skin.[75] He has endured a baptism, though from a less than pious televangelist.[102]
  • Holy Ground: However, true holy ground is rare, and Etrigan can easily desecrate a church.
  • Summoning: Demons can be conjured by those with occult knowledge, and controlled if the summoner is powerful enough.
  • Magic: Etrigan is susceptible to magic greater than his, such as Merlin's.


  • Order and Chaos: Fate was able to hurt Etrigan with a blade of Order, and made him submit to his right arm of Chaos.[54]
  • Vulnerability to Cold: While natural temperature has no effect, eldritch cold has incapacitated and hurt Etrigan.[10][16] Jason destroyed Etrigan by freezing himself with cold generated from the Philosopher's Stone.[15]
  • Mortality Fumes: Ugly Meg's vapors of mortality reduced Etrigan back to Jason Blood.[10]
  • Transmutation: Etrigan has been turned to stone twice. The first time, by Klarion, which he could break free from, the second by the Midnight Rider which he was not able to escape.
  • Vulnerability to Sound: Etrigan was overwhelmed by a specific high pitched frequency produced by Igor's "flute". The sonic bombardment caused him to pass out.[18]


  • Etrigan's Cloak: Though never explicitly stated as having any magical properties, it has displayed supernatural qualities that may or may not be inherent with the cloak.
  • Etrigan once banished Klarion and Teekl by wrapping his cloak around them.[12]
  • To protect Rakenstein's Monster, Etrigan sheilded him with his cloak, gathering the electric charge within it before turning it back on Baron von Rakenstein.[20]
  • Etrigan extinguished a fire by creating a gust of wind from his cloak while reciting, "Flow, cape, flow! Blow, wind, blow!"[13]
  • The most consistent application of the cloak is that it can conceal any amount of matter within the folds of the cloak as if it were a tesseract. The Thing once stowed away inside to escape Hell,[51] as did Baytor when Etrigan carried the Ace of Winchesters.[105]
  • Duplication: Using the Eternity Book, Etrigan conjured an identical physical clone of himself to die in his place when he suspected he was walking into a trap.[48][49]
  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • In Kirby's original mythos, Etrigan was actually transformed into a mortal who became known as Jason Blood by the Eternity Book. This was retconned by Zero Hour when Ennis officially made Jason Blood an individual Etrigan was bound to by Merlin.



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