Eva came to see Tess Mercer with a gift from Oliver Queen. Tess opened it to reveal a green dress and a note to meet at the Ace of Clubs. Tess told Eva to turn the offer down; Eva left before Maxima entered and attacked Tess.

Later Eva came into Tess' office to reveal that they are unable to locate the IP address of the person who stole the Crystal of Knowledge. Tess then informed Eva that unless she did find it, she would lose her job.

She went to visit Randy Klein in jail and confronted him about his confession of killing all of the recent victims. It was revealed that he had not killed them because there was video footage of him in an arcade during the time of the murders. It turned out that he only wanted to be in the paper and she offered him the chance to be part of Tess' team of heroes she is putting together.

Tess had Eva shape-shift into the form of Chloe Sullivan to get Clark Kent’s attention. Screaming for help, Eva ran into the dark forest, as Clark managed to hear her from the Daily Planet. Eva was taken to the Kent Farm to be taken care of. After seeing what happened to Livewire and Neutron, Eva realized that Livewire was killed by Tess as there was a micro-implant put in her head that exploded. She then went to see Plastique and Parasite to converse about what happened. However, she managed to relay all the Kryptonian information that Clark shared to Tess. Eva was finally exposed when she was killed by the micro-implant.


  • A computer screen in "Injustice" gives her codename as "Mirror".



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