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Eve Eden is Nightshade, a superhero with the ability to manipulate darkness. This includes the ability to become a living shadow, and the ability to open portals anywhere by traveling through a shadow dimension. Her powers are mystical in nature, tied to an otherworldly realm where she was born a princess. In addition to this, she is an extremely skilled martial artist.


Eve Eden grew up in the idyllic Kansas suburbs with her brother Larry, father Warren, and mother Maureen. When Eve and her brother were young, their mother introduced them to the Land of the Nightshades. Maureen had been the Queen of this mystical realm, but she was banished by a villain called Incubus. Their father was never told, as he would not believe her. Maureen received word that Incubus had been killed, and took her children home, but this was just a ruse. They were attacked by Incu-Demons who kidnapped Larry and mortally wounded Maureen. Maureen told Eve she had the power to become living shadow and open portals to any location she could see in her mind. Eve returned home, forced to leave her dying mother. Her father Warren was devastated by the loss of his wife and child, so he grew distant and later became a senator. This was when Eve found religion, as her priest was the only one who would listen. Eve returned several times to try and rescue her brother, but could not fight Incubus. The last encounter damaged her powers, so it hurt to become a living shadow. To rebel against her father, she moved closer to him in Washington, D.C. and became a notorious party girl. Eve needed more experience to fight Incubus, so she approached King Faraday at the CBI. Faraday agreed to hire her as an unofficial agent, and she worked with him as the costumed hero Nightshade. During this time she took down several super-villains including Black Spider, Image, and Punch & Jewelee. Amanda Waller learned of Nightshade and asked her to become a member of Task Force X. Nightshade agreed, on the condition that she could use the team for one personal mission.[1]

Suicide Squad

Nightshade began working undercover for the Suicide Squad. Her first mission was infiltrating the terrorist group Jihad in Qurac by posing as a villain named Chimera. The Jihad massacred an airport of civilians in their first demonstration, and Nightshade is horrified at being an accessory to this crime.[2] This led her to angrily slap Rick Flag for not warning her. Nightshade used her teleportation powers to distribute Suicide Squad members throughout the Jotunheim fortress, allowing them to destroy the Jihad.[3] When Belle Reve was attacked by the Female Furies of Apokolips, Nightshade tried to fight Bernadeth but was easily defeated.[4] Nightshade extracted the team after they discredited the racist vigilante William Hell at a white power rally.[5] The Suicide Squad went undercover in Moscow to rescue imprisoned author Zoya Trigorin, and Nightshade was their transportation.[6] They were discovered by the Russian army, and her powers were stretched to the limit avoiding capture. Nemesis revealed that he had feelings for her, but Nightshade said she has feelings for Rick Flag.[7] Her exhaustion leaves them unable to escape, and they have to make a daring helicopter extraction.[8]

Nightshade became field leader when they were sent to take down drug czar Xavier Cujo in Colombia. The team was discovered, and Nightshade had to fight through a jungle of communist guerillas.[9] Nightshade took Enchantress to destroy Cujo's drug stockpile, and Enchantress turned on her. The two women engaged in a brutal fistfight, but Nightshade put Enchantress in a chokehold and forced her to submit.[10] Nightshade worked with Flag to disobey Waller, and they launched an unauthorized rescue mission to get Nemesis out of Moscow.[11] They battled Justice League International, and Nightshade pretended to fight Captain Atom, who she had recently begun dating. They tickled each other instead.[12]

Eve stayed with the Squad up until the end, she then went back to work for Sarge Steel at the CBI.

Post-Suicide Squad

Nightshade worked alongside Superboy and the Ravers and was also part of the L.A.W. She was under the control of Gorilla Grodd for a while, trying to capture Superman for a $1 billion ransom.

Day of Vengeance

Nightshade re-emerged as a member of Shadowpact. She had been paired with Detective Chimp, resulting in some good-natured bickering. She joined a legion of magic-based characters battling against the Seven Deadly Sins. However, she was captured by Felix Faust and eventually used by Lex Luthor to bring back Earth-Two.


Nightshade and the other Shadowpact members entered the town of Riverrock, Wyoming, which was shielded from the outside world. She met a villainous counterpart named Sister Shadow. Since then she served with the Shadowpact battling a host of magical villains. It required some measure of concentration for her to form elaborate darkness constructs, when she and her partner Ragman were attacked by the Congregation. As a result she was unable to conjure her more elaborate darkness creatures until Blue Devil managed to get The Congregation away from her. Despite this Nightshade and her teammates found themselves blinded by The Congregation's light power, and for the first time in her life she experienced what darkness was. With the assistance of Madame Xanadu, Shadowpact set about restoring Nightshade's sight, although it took several days before it was fully restored.

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  • Unique Physiology: Nightshade's powers are hereditary due to her being the only surviving royal family member from the Land of Nightshades, a family of sorcerers. Nightshade absorbed a succubus into her body after the Suicide Squad mission on which Larry died, and doing so made her appear less human giving her skin a pale complexion and her hair became living shadows.
  • Umbrakinesis: First and foremost her abilities come from a magical source allowing her to tap into a shadowy realm to create dimensional forces of pure darkness. She has gained experience over time allowing for creative uses of her abilities.
  • Shadow Teleportation: Nightshade can create dimensional portals to teleport herself and others through the Land of Nightshades.[13][14][15]
  • Shadow Homunculi: Nightshade is able to create shadow creatures and constructs. She pulls these objects and beings from her shadowy realm and controls them without error.
  • Shadow Transformation: Nightshade can becoming a living two-dimensional tangible shadow. This effect gives her enhanced abilities as well as a change in her physiology.
  • Phasing: Nightshade can phase through physical contact, allowing her to avoid hits or bullets. This doesn't stop her from attacking her opponents.[16][17]
  • Superhuman Strength




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