Eons ago, the Guardians of the Universe, in order to make themselves good, purged themselves of all evil. But the evil purged from their hearts and minds could not be destroyed, only contained. For fear of being tempted by the power created by the purging, they decided to send it to the same place where they sent all magic, Earth Two.

Evil first appeared in World War II, while on Earth-Two, it was drawn to Joe Morgan who was feeling bitter and vengeful at the time. Evil took control of him and sent three globes to take control of Atom, Wildcat, and Guardian in order to capture Green Lantern, who was then with Wonder Woman and Flash performing at a circus in order to help sell war bonds. After a brief skirmish, Green Lantern's team was able to bring Atom's team back to their senses.

Atom, Wildcat and the Guardian relate to the others their origin and how they came into their current predicament. All three mentioned that their last recollection was being sucked into a glowing globe. Using Green Lantern's power ring to scan the memories of the three, it was determined that all three of them were trained by only one person, Joe Morgan. All three then split into three pairs and each went to the last place they saw Joe Morgan.

In all three places, they each encountered a glowing Joe Morgan but controlled by Evil, but all three teams were able to defeat him with ease and the glowing Joe Morgan then stopped glowing. The three teams then came together with the bodies of the defeated Joe Morgan. Wonder Woman noticed that all the Joe Morgan's pulse began to drop. Green Lantern used his power to try and scoop the Morgans and bring them to the hospital but the moment the Green Flame touched the Morgans, they begin to merge into one glowing and huge Joe Morgan. All six heroes were unable to defeat Evil until the personality of Joe Morgan began to surface and was able to force Evil out of his person. Green Lantern then pushed Evil out into outer space, hoping that Evil will never come back to Earth-Two.


Unknown. Evil has only exhibited extra-ordinary strength.


Unknown but immune to Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth


It needs a host body in order to use its powers. In addition, by the decree or powers of the Guardians of the Universe, if Evil was to use its powers, it will split into three weaker parts and only the magical powers of Green Lantern will be able to merge the three into one. When merged, it will become an all-powerful force. Without it, the three parts can be defeated.







  • It is unknown if Evil survived the merging during the Crisis of Infinite Earths or the creation of Earth-2.
  • This version of Evil (Earth-Two), including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.