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"Grassroots": A Gardener sits in his greenhouse reading a scathing political cartoon on Mayor Hundred's policy on incorporating renewable energy windmills in New York City by comparing him to Don Quixote. The man talks to no one present that he understands and prepares himself with a hedge trimm

Quote1 Well, you know where Bob Dylan said all the answers were, right? Besides, paper is yesterday's news. Print is dead. Quote2
-- Candice Watts

Appearing in "Grassroots"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gardener (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:



  • Rocket backpack

Synopsis for "Grassroots"

A Gardener sits in his greenhouse reading a scathing political cartoon on Mayor Hundred's policy on incorporating renewable energy windmills in New York City by comparing him to Don Quixote. The man talks to no one present that he understands and prepares himself with a hedge trimmer to "go and see him."

Mayor Hundred attends a press meeting at Douglaston, Queens telling his renewable energy plan and the positive outcome coming from it. Which it also means of having every bridges ans skyscrapers that can support them. After the conference, Mayor Hundred is approach by Eddie Romans publisher of the Manhattan Sound who wrote the scathing cartoon who shares his dissatisfaction with Hundred. Romans, who doesn't really actually care about the windmills, is reveal by Hundred that he is merely upset from last year over his newspaper company being berated by the mayor for not printing recycled paper in their papers. Romans argues that he is too controlling over a private company and given the fact that recycled paper is expensive to print. The two depart on their separate ways.

That night at his girlfriend's apartment home, Romans shares his problems to his girlfriend about Hundred. He doesn't really hate the mayor and that not all his policies are asinine. But angry for him being "a nerd" who fails to understands the chaos of the world with simple solutions. Suddenly he hears someone on their balcony and goes to face the intruder. It is reveal to be the gardener who then fatally attacks Romans by piercing his hedge trimmer through his head, killing him. He then surrenders to Romans' girlfriend, apologizing to her for hurting her ivy.

The next day Mitchell Hundred is inform by Rick Bradbury about Eddy Romans' death and his killer, who is arrested, claiming that Hundred told him to Romans. Hundred is disturb by this and wants to see Romans' killer. Despite Commissioner Angotti's reluctance, Hundred convince her as the killer is silent in the interrogations for his reasons and that he only wanted to see the mayor. Mitchell meets with the man who identifies himself as Gardener, stating that his title was bestowed by "them" and that he could communicate with plants much Hundred's ability with machines. He reveals that he gains his powers from Mitchell. Hundred commands a security video that is observing them to give them privacy, and demands if Gardener is lying. Gardener insists he is not and tells that he first met the Great Machine in April 17, 2000.

At that date, the Great Machine conducted his very first fight against a man who was illegally dumping motor oil on the Gowanus Canal. Mitchell's fight nearly ended badly and had used his rocket pack to dump his adversary into the canal but used up his fuel for him to crash land on the Gardener's greenhouse. The Gardener helped a wounded Mitchell and rest aside on the damage he caused. As Mitchell left, his blood was spilled on the Gardener's vegetables in which he ate them. Thus gaining his powers.

After this revelation, Mitchell turns on the security camera. The Gardener further tells that he can still hear processed wood pulp in printed materials, including newspapers. Hearing the communication relays from the papers. In which he was given orders from the papers to kill Eddy Romans. Mitchell is incredulous of Gardener's story, but Gardener still tell that Mitchell "told him" to kill "comic-people" next and the cause and effect of having comic book virgin paper conserved in plastic wrapping. Restating Mitchell's disapproval of non-recyclable papers. As Mitchell tells Gardener that he will be imprison for his crime, Gardener continues that he had sold the vegetables that were tainted with Mitchell's blood at farmer's markets and that there will be other people gaining powers from the foods like Gardener. Which according to Gardener will be entire movements awaiting Mitchell's "instructions", and "purifying [the] land for their arrival". Mitchell belligerently accuses him for lying before Commissioner Angotti enters and states that Gardener is insane. She also adds to Mitchell to hold onto his.

Mayor Hundred and Candice Watts visits Eddy Romans's grave. Mitchell tells Candice that he couldn't get his mind off of Gardener, stating that what he said about comic books was right in contrast to having only newspapers being recycled. Candice in responses sees his concern to be trivial. Hundred accepts and reflects what Romans said about him being right about the windmills being another power fantasy. That Hundred then decides to focus on other important things.


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