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"January, Nineteen Ninety-Four": In a small motel in San Francisco, Tony Murphy listens to Judy Tanner's audio diaries. Having been inexplicably drawn into the bizarre world of the Extremist, Tony reflects upon the circumstance

Quote1 Kill me, he said. Kill me or join me. So I did. Quote2
-- Judy Tanner

Appearing in "January, Nineteen Ninety-Four"

Featured Characters:

  • Tony Murphy (Flashback and main story) (Final appearance; Dies)

Supporting Characters:

  • Janet Murphy (Single appearance)
  • Samantha Murphy (Single appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Patrick (Behind the scenes)
  • Gregg




Synopsis for "January, Nineteen Ninety-Four"

In a small motel in San Francisco, Tony Murphy listens to Judy Tanner's audio diaries. Having been inexplicably drawn into the bizarre world of the Extremist, Tony reflects upon the circumstances that brought him to this motel.

Back in June of the previous year, Tony had found one of Jack Tanner's discarded audio cassettes in the hallway of their apartment complex. He eventually listened to it, and learned about Jack's life as the Extremist. Tony grew obsessed with this knowledge and could think of nothing else. His obsession even began to have an adverse effect on his family, and his wife, Janet, admonished him for showing so little interest in her or their daughter.

Tony soon broke into Jack's apartment and managed to salvage some of the other cassettes that Jack attempted to destroy. He also found Jack's Extremist costume and weapons. Bringing them home, Tony grew even more obsessed than before. His wife soon discovered him in the bathroom trying on the costume. Fed up with her husband's behavior, she took their daughter and went to live with her sister.

Tony tried to learn more about the Order. With the information he gleaned from the tapes, he began scouting about the various night clubs and eventually came to one of the Order's secret lairs. Members of the Order immediately knew that Tony was an outsider and tried to have him killed. Tony managed to escape however and took refuge in the motel where he now sits. Judy had made contact with him and warned him that both of them are now in danger. They arranged to meet one another at this motel whereupon Tony promised to return the Extremist costume to her. At this point, Tony began making his own audio journals.

Tony is snapped out of his reverie by a knock at the door. He opens it and Judy enters the room. Tony gives her the costume and asks if she can help him escape the wrath of the Order. He soon discovers the real reason why Judy is here. Judy is not looking to escape the Order. In fact, she has completely embraced her role as the Extremist. She produces a knife and slices Tony's throat open, killing him. She collects her costume and leaves.

Soon after, Judy meets with Patrick. Patrick asks her, "Do you feel... very extreme today?", to which she replies, "Yes".


  • The Extremist is a four-issue limited series published under DC's Vertigo format. It is intended for mature readers.
  • Issue shipped on November 4th, 1993.
  • Final issue; final appearance of all characters.
  • The events from this issue take place in January 1994. The flashback sequences take place in December of 1993.
  • Tony's last name, Murphy, is revealed in this issue.
  • Janet and Samantha Murphy were referenced in issue #3, but did not make an actual appearance until this issue.


  • Aside from Patrick, none of the Order's hierarchy are ever presented or identified in this series.

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