The elderly paraplegic Ezra Gloom lures people to his country manor via newspaper ads offering one thousand dollars cash to anyone who comes to Moode Manor to claim the money. Spy Smasher soon discovers that this is a plot to spread the Black Death, which the paper bills are carrying. As Gloom explains, he was paralyzed due to exposure to the Black Death ten years prior in India. This embittered Gloom toward humanity, so he gathered a small army of henchmen from Japan and returned to the U.S. to plot his terrible scheme. Soon, the villain's Japanese henchmen face off with Spy Smasher, as does Gloom himself using his spike-wheeled wheelchair. This results in Gloom crashing his wheelchair. Somehow, the shock of this causes Gloom to regain use of his legs. Gloom also has a sudden change of heart regarding the Black Death. In a fit of patriotic fervor, he decides to escape to Tokyo and spread the Black Death there rather than in his native country.