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in: Comics Published by Vertigo, Karen Berger/Executive Editor, James Jean/Cover Artist Bill Willingham/Writer, Lan Medina/Penciler, Craig Hamilton/Inker, Daniel Vozzo/Colourist, Todd Klein/Letterer, Shelly Bond/Editor, Mariah Huehner/Editor, Bigby Wolf (Fables)/Appearances, Briar Rose (Fables)/Appearances, Prince Charming (Fables)/Appearances, Ambrose (Fables)/Appearances, Boy Blue (Fables)/Appearances, Jack Horner (Fables)/Appearances, Bluebeard (Fables)/Appearances, Thomas Sharp (Fables)/Appearances, Hobbes (Fables)/Appearances, Pinocchio (Fables)/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Central Park/Appearances, Fabletown/Appearances, Woodland Luxury Apartments/Appearances, Comics, 2003, 2003, July, 2003, May (Publication), Fables Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

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Fables Vol 1 13

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"Dirty Business": Bluebeard has his gun drawn and pointed at Tom Sharp's sleeping head. He reasons that because they can't be sure they got everything Sharp had on them, the only alternative is to kill him and be done with it. Bigby orders him to stand down or else. While Jack and Boy Blu

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Synopsis for "Dirty Business"

Bluebeard has his gun drawn and pointed at Tom Sharp's sleeping head. He reasons that because they can't be sure they got everything Sharp had on them, the only alternative is to kill him and be done with it. Bigby orders him to stand down or else. While Jack and Boy Blue grab Tommy Sharp, Bigby grabs a camera and film from the darkroom. Bluebeard confronts him there, mentioning how Bigby makes a lot of empty threats that lose their meaning since he never acts on them. Bigby replies that he never has to act on them because Bluebeard always stands down, and always will, because at heart he's only not a coward when dealing with young brides and unconscious reporters. Bigby knew he was afraid of him, and that's why he'd always obey. On his way back down to the lobby, Bluebeard scowled as a single tear ran down his cheek. Prince Charming carries Briar Rose outside to the limo, followed by Jack and Boy Blue with Sharp between them, and Bigby and Flycatcher taking up the rear with the boxes of files and photos in hand. In the limo, Bigby calls Grimble, telling him to find Pinocchio and get him to the office asap.

The next morning, Bluebeard raves in his tub while his goblin butler, Hobbes, washes him. Bigby was starting to get under his skin, and it may be time to "remove him". Meanwhile in Briar Rose's penthouse, Bigby and Flycatcher look on as Prince Charming tries to wake her with a kiss. Nothing happens. Apparently, the curse is very specific about only being broken with true love's kiss. While Charming did love her way back when he first saw her, over the years that love waned when he decided he couldn't commit to being in a relationship. Needing a prince to break the spell, Flycatcher offers to give it a try, as he's always been fond of her. And sure enough, his kiss wakes her up, though he quickly departs, leaving Briar to wonder why her mouth tastes like bugs.

Tommy Sharp wakes up in the Woodlands dungeon, Bigby standing over him. He is given a mirror, showing him two holes in his neck which Bigby says are from their bite. Bigby convinces Tommy that he is now their thrall, and that they can make him do anything if they choose to. And if he ever tells anyone or publishes anything about their community, they will do worse than simply kill him. Tommy is handed photos, taken while he was asleep, of him with a little boy (which he didn't know was Pinocchio), who also recorded very convincing therapy sessions where he shows the psychologist where the "bad man" touched him. Sharp breaks down, knowing this kind of thing will destroy him. For even if the accusation was later proven false, it could ruin a person for life. Bigby tells him to go on with his life, forgetting he ever heard of them, because if he doesn't, the photos and videos go public.

Back in Briar Rose' penthouse, Prince Charming smiles to himself as he looks around at all the high-end furniture and decorations that adorn her residence. The clever Prince had found out earlier from Flycatcher that one of the fairies blessings on her christening day was that Briar Rose would always be wealthy. So while she did not escape the Homelands with her fortune, the enchantment ensured that she made it all back within a year of being in Fabletown, making a killing in the stock market. While he places a cold towel over her forehead, Briar asks him why he was still there. Charming responds that he wanted to atone for all his bad treatment of her in the past by taking care of her now. He will therefore stay with her in a platonic sort of way, sleeping in her guest bedroom, and help see her through all her spells for months - years - if that's what it took to earn redemption. His silver tongue served him well as once again, Prince Charming had a new place to stay.

That night in Central Park, Tommy Sharp responds to a summons from Bluebeard. Asking for an update, Sharp confirms that he destroyed all the notes he had, and that nothing remains. Bluebeard thanks him for keeping his word, then pulls out his gun and shoots him in the head. The last loose end has been dealt with...


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