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"The (Un)usual Suspects": At the Woodland Luxury Apartments, Bigby Wolf awakens and rouses his roomate, a pig (of the Three Little Pigs). The two quip with one another and Bigby doesn't understand why he always has to give the pig a place to stay every time he escapes from the Farm.

Quote1 I always like suspecting Jack. He's been such a perpetual load in my pants since day one of the Exile. Quote2
-- Bigby Wolf

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Synopsis for "The (Un)usual Suspects"

At the Woodland Luxury Apartments, Bigby Wolf awakens and rouses his roomate, a pig (of the Three Little Pigs). The two quip with one another and Bigby doesn't understand why he always has to give the pig a place to stay every time he escapes from the Farm. The pig tries to make Bigby feel guilty for destroying his home and trying to eat him back when they still resided in the Homelands.

Bigby eats breakfast (ham) and goes to the Woodlands' Garden to meet with Snow White. The two talk about Rose Red's disappearance and the bloody tableau they discovered at her apartment. Bigby is certain that the person responsible for Red's disappearance and possible murder is a Fable. He further suspects that Jack Horner may be complicit in the crime. Snow asks him why he suspects Jack and Bigby chides that Jack is always his favorite suspect.

Elsewhere, the famed pirate Bluebeard engages in a fencing exercise with his mistress Cinderella. Cinderella is obviously frustrated and lets loose with a string of profanities. During the duel, she tells Bluebeard about Rose Red's alleged murder. Rumors about the crime have already begun to circulate throughout the Fable community. Bluebeard grows distraught.

Later, Snow White meets with her ex-husband Prince Charming at a midtown diner. They discuss Rose Red, and Snow White reminds Charming of the time he seduced her sister while they were still married to each other. Charming quickly changes the topic and brings up the subject of his dwindling income. He tells Snow that he might sell his lands and title, but Snow is dubious of this idea, as such things are of no value outside the Homelands. Charming is convinced that he will be able to sell "a little piece of home" during the upcoming Remembrance Day celebration.

After lunch, Snow White meets back up with Bigby and together they go to the cell where Jack is being held. Bigby has entrusted Jack with guarding the crime scene. He feels that if Jack were going to tamper with evidence, he would have done so before alerting him to the crime. During the interrogation, Bigby brings up the subject of Rose Red's flirtatious demeanor. Jack ardently maintains his innocence and suggests that Bluebeard might have a motive.

Bigby and Snow return to the Woodlands and visit Bluebeard's suite on the 4th floor. During their interview, Bluebeard confesses that he was once deeply in love with Rose Red and that the two were legally engaged to be married. He even produces the contract asserting that Rose Red was his fiancée. Bigby is irritated with Bluebeard's apparent wealth and seemingly aloof attitude, so he angrily accuses him of murdering Rose Red. Bluebeard responds, matching Bigby's passion in equal measure. He declares that he will offer one million dollars to the discovery and capture of whoever perpetuated this crime.


  • This book was first published on June 12, 2002.
  • This issue is reprinted in Fables: Legends in Exile.
  • King Cole is referred to as the Mayor of Fabletown. He was referenced in issue #1 and is shown in this issue in a cameo flashback to last year's Remembrance Day celebration.
  • Hobbes is Bluebeard's Goblin butler, and one of the few non-human Fables allowed to live in Fabletown.
  • The pig seen in Bigby's studio apartment is Colin, the "1st pig" from The Three Little Pigs. In the original story, the pig constructed a house made from straw, but the Big Bad Wolf blew the house down and ate the pig. Obviously, the fairy tale took some liberties with Fable history, as the pig is still alive and living with Bigby.


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