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James Jean/Cover Artist, Bill Willingham/Writer, Mark Buckingham/Penciler, Steve Leialoha/Inker, Mark Buckingham/Inker, Daniel Vozzo/Colourist, Todd Klein/Letterer, Shelly Bond/Editor, Mariah Huehner/Editor, Snow White (Fables)/Quotes, Prince Charming (Fables)/Appearances, Rose Red (Fables)/Appearances, Snow White (Fables)/Appearances, Boy Blue (Fables)/Appearances, Clarathea (Fables)/Appearances, Doctor Swineheart (Fables)/Appearances, Ambrose (Fables)/Appearances, Frau Totenkinder (Fables)/Appearances, Jack Horner (Fables)/Appearances, King Cole (Fables)/Appearances, Lady Beauty (Fables)/Appearances, Lord Beast (Fables)/Appearances, Pinocchio (Fables)/Appearances, Stinky (Fables)/Appearances, Weyland Smith (Fables)/Appearances, Baba Yaga (Fables)/Appearances, Wooden Soldiers (Fables)/Appearances, Bufkin (Fables)/Appearances, Grimble (Fables)/Appearances, Hobbes (Fables)/Appearances, Mouse Police (Fables)/Appearances, Fable/Appearances, 13th Floor Witches/Appearances, Mister Kadabra (Fables)/Appearances, Mrs. Green (Fables)/Appearances, Mister Grandours (Fables)/Appearances, Mrs. Someone (Fables)/Appearances, Ozma (Fables)/Appearances, Maddy (Fables)/Appearances, Prospero (Fables)/Appearances, Great Fairy Witch (Fables)/Appearances, Three Bears (Fables)/Appearances, Papa Bear (Fables)/Appearances, Mama Bear (Fables)/Appearances, Boo Bear (Fables)/Appearances, New York/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Fabletown/Appearances, Woodland Luxury Apartments/Appearances, Vorpal Sword/Appearances, Comics, 2004, 2004, July, May 12, 2004 (Publication), 2004, May (Publication), Fables Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

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Fables Vol 1 25

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"Our Right to Assemble": Fabletown is preparing for battle. Barrels of cement are stacked up, blocking off each side of the street. Prince Charming deals with the police who came over to investigate, telling them it was a simple block party and sending them back on their way. Afterwards, he m

Quote1 I'm no military commander. I've no special wisdom to impart, except that which others have said so many times before. We don't have any particular country to defend. Ours were lost to us long ago. And we've no flag to fight for. Fabletown has no formal status except as it exists in our minds and hearts. No, when we fight tonight, if we do, it will only be for each other -- for those standing here beside us. Like every soldier in every battle in history. Quote2
-- Snow White

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Synopsis for "Our Right to Assemble"

Fabletown is preparing for battle. Barrels of cement are stacked up, blocking off each side of the street. Prince Charming deals with the police who came over to investigate, telling them it was a simple block party and sending them back on their way. Afterwards, he meets up with Flycatcher, to give him further advice on strategic placement of barriers.

Down by the warehouse district, the wooden men are assembling, quite literally, their army of soldiers. Arms and legs are attached to torsos, heads are placed atop. Each soldier is given a black suit and tie, and a hairpiece to cover their bald heads. Finally they are given guns.

Boy Blue sits moping at the Knights of Malta hospital. Dr. Swineheart fixed him up pretty good, but his hands were still a mess. He didn't know if he'd ever play the trumpet again. Swineheart comforts that through a few more surgeries, he could make his hands good as new. But Boy Blue didn't have time to wait, he stood up and walked out of the room, intending to join his friends in the fight.

Snow White talks to the witches and wizards of the 13th floor. For the duration of the battle, she'd need them to cast their enchantments to prevent the Mundys from taking notice or remembering anything afterward. Frau Totenkinder says such spells will be very expensive. Snow retaliates, reminding her of the charter signed long ago, and as this was declared a Fabletown Emergency, they are required to do their part for the community... free of charge. Hesitantly, Frau agrees to help.

Rose Red arrives in a pickup loaded with supplies, followed by a convoy of trucks being ridden by all the Farm Fables who wanted to help. Prince Charming tells them they can unload over in the Woodland's courtyard, where Trusty John had his garden. Charming's sure he won't mind, still being in the hospital and all.

Snow stands outside, in front of all the Fables, speaking to them, reminding them what they were fighting for. Boy Blue was there, a sword bandaged to his mangled hands for better grasp. Rose Red and Weyland Smith stood together in the crowd. Even the Three Bears were present, showing their renewed support after being ousted as part of the Farm revolt...

The same thing was happening over at the warehouses. The wooden army stood at attention, as their brother told them what to expect. Once the "meatheads" see how many they are, they're likely to surrender. Once they do, there is to be no killing of the masses. Except maybe one or two... a couple, certainly not all of them, anyway...

Jack checked his gun magazines again, while Pinocchio watches with disdain. They were in Pinocchio's apartment, where Jack was given specific instructions to keep an eye on him. Pinocchio's only real concern was getting out there where his friends were going to fight, but Jack wouldn't allow it. he told Jack that the wooden army wasn't coming to hurt him. They said it themselves, he's their beloved "elder brother", they just want him back. And besides, Pinocchio added, did he honestly believe bullets would stop a person made out of wood? Jack corrects Pinocchio right there, the gun wasn't meant for the soldiers. There was absolutely no way they would ever let Pinocchio get taken back to the Homelands, where he could potentially reveal their secrets to the Adversary. If it did look like he was about to fall into the hands of his "brothers", Jack would use the gun on him. Pinocchio gulped and fell silent.

The army approaches. Mundys would look out there windows at the sight, as the wooden soldiers marched in formation. Above, the Farmland sky patrol flew back to report. Everyone there felt grim when the news reached them. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands, coming their way...


  • This book was first published on May 12, 2004.
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